Christmas Celebration in Venezuela

Christmas decorations, Christmas recipes, Christmas hymns as well as carols and the decked up Christmas tree with various kinds of ornaments are an integral part of the Christmas celebrations and the Christmas Celebrations in Venezuela does not differ from it much and it could also be said that Christmas in Venezuela is going to be an experience, the memories of which, would last with you forever.

The most important fact linked to the Christmas Celebrations in Venezuela is that on the 16th of December, the families display their ‘pesebres’, an exhibit of the nativity scene. The structure of the ‘pesebres’ is basically a framework, which has been covered up with the help of a painted canvas and its middle point features a reproduction of the Bethlehem manger, the birthplace of Lord Jesus.

The religious celebrations begin from the 16th of December and continue upto 24th December and masses are held regularly during these nine days, which are attended by a large number of people.

However, the chief celebration takes place on the eve of the festival of Christmas and it is known as the NocheBuenade Navedad and the last mass before Christmas takes place on Christmas Eve. After the mass, the family members gather together and pamper their taste buds with their traditional holiday meal, which includes the 'dulche de lechoza' (desert made with the help of brown sugar and green papaya), 'hallacas' and the 'pan de jamon' (a long bread that is stuffed with cooked ham and raisins).

The children of Venezuela have been made to believe or told that it is Child Jesus, who brings gifts for them and not Santa Claus. Christmas Celebrations in Venezuela is incomplete without the Christmas traditional songs known as the aguinaldos. Browse through the site to acquire more information on Christmas Celebrations in Venezuela.

Last Updated: 18th November, 2017

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