Christmas Celebration in Thailand

Thailand differs in their Christmas celebrations or it could be said that the Christmas Celebrations in Thailand vary from the rest of the world in the sense that 25th December is not the recognized as a holiday by this country, which is located in Southeast Asia.

Inspite of the fact that at the time of the festival of Christmas the offices as well as the schools, colleges as well as the universities remains open, the residents of the country still makes the efforts to observe this festival in the best way possible. However the children on the day of Christmas get dressed up in vibrant colors and most of the schools to make this day a special affair for the children makes arrangements for various kinds of activities, games for the children and the winner of games are awarded prizes. The distribution of the gifts by Santa Claus to the children along with the singing of the Christmas carols and Christmas hymns form a major part of the school Christmas festivities and the teachers as well as the other staff of the school also acts out plays for the entertainment of the children.

Singing and dancing are also an integral part of the school Christmas festivities and the children eagerly wait for the festival of Christmas every year as these are the times that provide them with a relief from their monotonous school life. The smile on the faces of the children just sets the mood for the festival.

The families embellish their homes, cook special meals and guests are invited over and some special moments are spend with family members, relatives, colleagues as well as close associates. Drinking, eating and merrymaking are the characteristics of the Christmas celebrations for the residents who observe this day in Thailand. christmas.dgreetings offers all the necessary information on Christmas Celebrations in Thailand.

Last Updated: 18th November, 2017

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