Christmas Celebration in Turkey

Christmas festival is observed with great enthusiasm as well as excitement all over the world but the same cannot be said about the Christmas Celebrations in Turkey for the reason Turkey, is a Muslim country and Christmas celebrations are a low-key affair in Turkey, which is a Eurasian country.

Though majority of the residents of Turkey belong to the Muslim community, however their exists in minority Jewish as well as Catholic communities and the Catholic communities makes the best possible efforts to celebrate the festival of Christmas in the best way possible and leaves no stones unturned to make the festival of Christmas a memorable affair.

If you want to witness Christmas celebrations of Turkey, then you are required to travel to Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, as it is the one of the main places in Turkey where the Catholic community makes arrangements for celebrations related to Christmas.

The residents of Istanbul decorate the streets, the private as well as the commercial buildings with lights that are available in the shops in their various designs, colors as well as sizes. Some of the shops, stores as well as some of the houses are adorned with the Christmas trees, which are decked with various decorative pieces.

In Derme, a town of Turkey the birth of St Nicholas is celebrated every year and St Nicholas is not only remembered as a renowned archbishop but also for his generous behavior towards the children.

Christmas Decorations