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Christmas Tree

Joy and happiness is in the air for it is Christmas. The festival, which falls on December 25 each year, is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus. Along with lots of fun and frolic, people also observe a number of traditions which add up to the fun. Among these is the Christmas tree, which is a central part of the festival as it is believed, since ancient times, that it kept spirits away from the house and also signified the continuity of life.

Homes are decked up with beautifully crafted Christmas trees which come in various hues but the popular ones are the fir, pine or spruce tree. The tree is usually placed near the fireplace since people usually gather around it for merry making. Decorating the Christmas tree is a joyous occasion which is undertaken by kids as well as adults. Some of the items used to decorate the tree are ribbons, paper napkins, fairy lights, and sparkles along with mouth-watering delicacies such as chocolates candies, and toffees. Around Christmas time, the market is flooded with different types and sizes of Christmas trees, ranging from the affordable ones to the premium and exquisitely crafted ones. However, each Christmas tree is unique and is a symbol of promise in the cold winter times.

History Of Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is often explained as an attempt of Christianizing a pagan tradition of renewal of life. However, the modern custom cannot be proven to have descended from a pagan custom. The city of Riga in Latvia is said to be the home of the first holiday tree and the same is proudly proclaimed by an octagonal plaque in the Town Square which reads, “The first New Year's Tree in Riga in 1510”, in eight different languages.

First Christmas Tree

There are various cities in the United States that claim to have been home to the country's first Christmas tree. Windsor Locks in Connecticut proclaims that in 1777 a Hessian soldier imprisoned in the Noden-Reed House put up a Christmas tree there. They thus claim to be the home of the first Christmas tree in New England. Easton in Pennsylvania claim that German settlers in 1816 set up ‘The First Christmas Tree in America' there.

Interesting Christmas Tree Legend

 Christmas Tree

An interesting Christmas tree legend which is prevalent in Germany is based on a historical figure, St Boniface and how he was infuriated to destroy the Odin's oak. Another legend is created by a famous hawthorn called the "Holy Thorn" that was found at Glastonbury Abbey in England and flowers at Christmas time. It was acclaimed as a "sacred relic" because a myth claims that it derivative from a twiglet that came from Jesus' crown of thorns.

The Tree of Good and Evil in the earthly Paradise were plays which were first enacted in the late Middle Ages and their aim was to impart the knowledge of religion. Some people believe that the origin of Christmas tree lie amidst these plays .It was believed that acting out Bible and Gospel episodes for the masses would facilitate the agenda of keeping faith alive. A famous play was the performance put on for holy Christmas, celebrated on 25 December.

Different Types Of Christmas Trees

Spode Christmas Tree

Spode Christmas Tree

Spode Christmas trees are the mere imprints of a Christmas tree on household items like plates, cups, saucers so on and so forth. They are used as a festive and decorative piece and have been around for quiet sometime. In fact, they have gone on to become quiet an integral part of the holiday festivities and ceremony. In it's own way Spode Christmas tree becomes a valuable decoration.

Rich's Christmas Tree

 Rich's Christmas Tree

Rich's Christmas tree is better known as a life-size outdoor Christmas tree, which became an important tradition of Atlanta since the year 1947. Rich's great Christmas tree is an outdoor Christmas tree, which was first used by the Rich's Departmental store in 1947 and was lit up on Thanksgiving.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree

One question that everybody seems to be pondering over is what really is an upside down tree and how is it different from normal trees? Well, the primary reason why an upside down Christmas tree is so called is because it is hung on the ceiling by the base, in manner of a chandelier. You then decorate it while it is hanging from your ceiling.

Usually these are Artificial Christmas trees , which is mostly to make things easier for you - since you don't want to try to water a real Christmas tree from the ceiling, do you? The reason why the trend is catching on so fast is because of the space factor. Upside down Christmas trees do not get into the way so much as regular trees and for people who have kids and pets at home, it's a perfect idea.

National Christmas Tree

National Christmas Tree

National Christmas tree is the tree, which is decorated and put up near the White House. The illuminating of the tree, by the president of the United States of America is an annual event, which is televised. Month long festivities, known as Pageant of Peace begins after this. The tradition of National Christmas Tree in Washington began in the year 1923, when Calvin Coolidge was the president. The Christmas tree was lit by solar power, for the first time in the year 1995.

Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas tree Cards

  • The Christmas tree skirt selected by you should be big enough so that it covers up the entire Christmas tree stand.
  • The Christmas tree skirt should only cover the Christmas tree stand.

  • Take care that the Christmas tree skirt should not come in the way of people's area of walking so that there are no accidents.

  • The width of the Christmas tree skirt should not be more than the average width of the Christmas tree branches.

  • Sometimes the Christmas tree stands may be very bulky as well as large and it may not be possible for the traditional Christmas tree skirts to fully cover the Christmas tree stand.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas tree Cards

  • The artificial Christmas trees come decorated with lights, Christmas ornaments , and other Christmas decorations, so that you don't have to worry anymore about the Christmas tree decorations.

  • A normal artificial Christmas tree has an average life of fifteen years which can be extended to even twenty years with due care. Thus you don't have to worry about getting a new Christmas tree for every Christmas season.

  • The artificial Christmas tree can be bought as per your choice and your requirements according to the size of your room where the Christmas tree would be places. There can be choices in natural Christmas trees also but unfortunately these choices are limited in the case of natural Christmas trees are limited.

  • The artificial Christmas trees are often illuminated with artificial Christmas lights. Thus you don't have to worry about the lights to be used for the Christmas tree again and again for every season.

  • The artificial Christmas trees come in different shapes, sizes and colors, ranging from the pine trees to trees adorned with artificial snow, which offers you a wide variety of the Christmas trees to select from.

  • The artificial Christmas trees once set up need very little care and attention from your side which is not the case with the natural Christmas trees.

  • Some of the famous varieties of the artificial Christmas trees are the modern trees, outdoor artificial trees and feather artificial Christmas trees.

Growing patterns of Real Trees

The growing patterns of these Christmas trees are distinctly different, for instance, Christmas tree farms in Europe prefer trees which have been grown naturally and are not sheared whereas in America, the most popular Christmas trees are generally those that are sheared and have immense foliage.

It is a known fact that shearing a Christmas tree is detrimental to its natural beauty and therefore unsheared trees are considered of a higher quality. Before the now popular trend of Christmas tree farming, most trees were obtained from the wild forests.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Tree Decoration

Though there are many kinds of Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorative items available in the market but you need to be extra cautious.To help you in selecting your Christmas tree decorations we have come up with some splendid ideas for Christmas tree decorations.

  • Glass Christmas ornaments can be an ideal choice for Christmas tree decorations as the glass Christmas ornaments are not only beautiful but are also known to add a touch of elegance to whatever object they are used for decorating.

  • Apart from the glass Christmas ornaments, you can also make use of ceramic, metal and wooden Christmas tree decorations .

  • If you are an artistic person then you can go for Christmas tree craft decorations, which can be easily prepared at home also.

  • Exquisite Christmas candles can also be made use of as perfect Christmas tree decorations.

  • There are many varieties of Christmas tree candles available in the market from which you can choose the Christmas tree candle as per your choice and budget.

  • There are many kinds of Christmas lights also which can be used for illuminating the Christmas trees.

  • If you are a nature lover then flowers can be the best solution for Christmas tree decorations.

  • Different colored ribbons, garlands as well as artificial fruits can also be used for adorning Christmas trees.

  • You can very well make use of Christmas bells, stars as well as Christmas collectibles and figurines for embellishing the Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

There are different kinds of Christmas tree ornaments, right from glass, to plastic, to fabric. Many of these ornaments are personalized, so that you may use them year after year.

Glass Christmas Tree ornaments are rather popular albeit expensive primarily because Glass Christmas tree ornament balls reflect the light so the Christmas tree appears to glitter and is illuminated with beautiful shades of light. However Glass Christmas tree ornaments are not always the most appropriate, primarily because they can break easily. Also if you have children or pets, glass Christmas tree ornaments are not exactly a safe option. Pretty as they are, they can also be hazardous. In this case, it's best if you opt for the vast variety of unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments. These are just as beautiful and perfect for you Christmas tree, not to mention safe for the kids and pets.

Candy Cane Tree Ornaments

Another great option for Christmas tree ornaments are Candy canes. You kids would love this, as they can just pluck the candy canes off the trees and eat them. Now who hasn't fantasized about a candy tree? If your kids are old enough, you could invite them to be a part of the decoration process and entail their help in making handmade Christmas tree ornaments. These are pretty easy to make, all you would need is some ribbon, glazed paper and an internet manual.

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