Christmas in Sweden

The cold white snow, the frosty chill of late December teamed with the snow caressed boulevards of Sweden greets the Christmas date on the 25th day of December every year with an immense passion. Christmas in Sweden is definitely not only a day of sheer religious fervor but a lot more. The utmost buoyancy of the Swedes to make the Christmastime an event of the year never gets affected even in the coldest and darkest season of the year. The celebration of Christmas in Sweden lasts for around two months. Tradition and custom laces the yuletide ambience in Sweden and the fun of the celebration begins with the Advent. The tradition of lighting each candle before Christmas on the advent wreath sets the mood for a colossal Christmas bash whilst making Sweden the most sought address for the revelers to visit during the Christmas time.

Dance, music, richness and color braid the very Christmas time in Sweden. The typical tradition of celebrating the St. Lucia’s day on the 13th December further coifs the mood for the Christmas celebration. Christmas in Sweden is a month long celebration which starts on the St. Lucia’s day. With the resonance of the Christmas carol coupled with the thump of the midnight mass announces the very onset of the Christmas in Sweden, which is certainly a day of sheer gratification. The pungent smell of the classy wine and the reek of the traditional recipes fill the air while augmenting the Noel atmosphere. The table is laid on the Christmas Eve for a large and refined dinner as this is the time of family reunion and merrymaking. Rice pudding is the traditional dessert served during the Christmas Eve. There is a curious tradition of finding a hidden almond from the pudding and the person who is able to find the almond is said to be the next to marry in the coming year.

Vibrancies, romance, and tradition make the Christmas in Sweden more colorful whilst making the day one to treasure for long.

Christmas Decorations