Christmas in Spain

The azure of the Bay of Biscay, the cobalt sheen of the Mediterranean Sea teamed with the aquamarine luster of the North Atlantic Ocean quite ideally frames Spain whilst offering the country a picturesque landscape to entice all the revelers during the New Year and Christmas time. Christmas in Spain is the time to cheer it is the time to forget all the worries and experience the deep spiritual fervor with an immense passion. Therefore Celebration of Christmas in Spain is associated with a deep religious significance and Christmas in Spain is a lot more than to be a mere event of celebration.

With the dazzle of the Christmas lights and with the thump of the populace Christmas in Spain comes with its entire gleam. It is definitely not a huge commercial occasion however the very pulsating rhythm of the day teamed with the Christmas décor, Christmas carol, and midnight mass and with the vibrancies of the Christmas parties just cannot be denied. Although the official celebration of the Christmas season begins in Spain right from December 8th yet it is on the Christmas Eve (24th December) the celebration of Christmas in Spain reaches the zenith. Tradition and folklore laces the yuletide spirit in Spain and age old traditions like the dance of six, elaborate dinner in front of the great Gothic Cathedral makes the Celebration of Christmas in Spain a lot more vibrant whilst attracting the tourists from all around the world.

Christmas Eve is known as Nochebuena or "the Good Night in Spain and is the time to meet all the friends and families for a reunion dinner. Candies, cakes and the reek of the traditional Christmas treat of turron, which is the typical kind of almond candy, fills the air. Christmas in Spain is the time to pay homage to the deceased, it is the time to thank God for creating this wonderful world and above all it is the time to cheer and enjoy the effervescent pulse of the day.

Christmas Decorations