Christmas in Romania

Romance, passion, color and verve laces the Celebration of Christmas in Romania whilst making it the most desired address for the revelers to experience the gleam of the day. Romania with its rich heritage, with its majestic castles, with its medieval towns and immaculate natural backdrop is the ideal place to be during the Christmas time. Christmas in Romania apart from being a day of sheer religious fervor is the time to enjoy each others company.

Although the celebrations of a massive Christmas bash starts long back for the Romanians, yet it is with the grand feast followed by the midnight mass that Christmas in Romania appears with all its promise and dream. Decoration definitely is a major part of the Christmas celebration. Neatly decorated homes streets, pubs and restaurants with warm and bright color and with fir tree branches adds to the color of the celebration whilst enhancing the yuletide dash.

Christmas in Romania is full of fun and merriment and is a great time for the children. One of the age-old traditions of Romania is that the children travel from house to house, singing carols and reciting poetry and legends. ‘Steaua’ which is a large wooden star duly decorated with paper and ribbons are being carried by the leader and are an ethnic ritual to ensure goodtime.

Christmas in Romania is a fiesta of lights. Santa Claus, Christmas trees, midnight masses traditional recipes like the force-meal rolls in vine leaves, sausages, blood pudding and the Christmas Carols amplifies the yuletide spirit in Romania whilst enticing the Romanians to dream of a more colorful future.

Christmas Decorations