Christmas in Poland

With its rich mores, antique culture and buoyant populace Poland is somewhat like a bridge between the East and the West. Being significantly located at the very heart of Europe, Poland offers an eloquent utterance to the age-old European ethnicity and culture. With the pristine natural treasure, the undaunted innate backdrop where the horse drawn carts still negotiate country lanes, Poland happens to be the most desired address to be during Christmas in order to feel the true dash of the country. Christmas in Poland is perhaps the vest time to enjoy the traditional culture and is the time to experience the vibrancies of the country.

Christmas in Poland has a lot to offer to the revelers. Meditation, prayer, rest and dinner are the main traits of the Polish way of celebrating Christmas. Although the thump of celebrating Christmas starts long back yet it is with the onset of the Christmas Eve that the celebration of Christmas in Poland takes place. As soon as the first star is sighted Christmas appears in Poland with its entire gleam and glamour. An extravagant feast which is known as the ‘Wigilia’ served on the Christmas Eve coifs the mood for an immense Christmas bash in Poland. Tradition and folklore again braids this dinner of togetherness. To break the wafer and to exchange gifts during the dinner are some of the age-old traditions, which have not yet lost their color and are an undeniable part of the celebration of Christmas in Poland. Mushroom soups, boiled potatoes, fried fish, assorted pastries, nuts and candies are some of the conventional cuisine served to enhance the yuletide ambience during the celebration of Christmas in Poland.

Christmas Decorations