Christmas in Philippines

Ideally located at the southeast of Asia, Philippines happen to be the ‘land of fiestas.’ All the events and fête has an immense significance in the island nation and is celebrated with colossal passion. Christmas in Philippines is the most looked forward event and is the time to experience the true verve of the Filipinos.

No winter snow caresses Philippines during the end of December, there are no swaying pine trees in Philippines to coif the Christmas party mood with their vibrancies yet Christmas in Philippines is worth watching and is the time when Philippine Islands becomes the most sought address of tourist attractions.

Apart from the deep-seated relation between the Filipino folklore and Christmas, decoration is indeed an important part in the celebration of Christmas in Philippines. The striking, elaborate and profuse Filipino Christmas decoration makes Christmas in Philippines an event of sheer merrymaking. Every decoration of Christmas reflects the aura of the pious day that is the birthday of Christ.

The bamboo parol or the star lanterns are two important symbol of Christmas in Philippines which represents the guiding light of the guiding star of Bethlehem representing the guiding light, the star of Bethlehem. Christmas in Philippines is not just a day of cheer and zest but the event of utter religious facet. Christmas is a national holiday in Philippines and is observed with utmost passion and love.

Flamboyant decoration, rhythm of Christmas mass and the gong of the Christmas bell teamed with the tinkling of the wine glass and the aroma of the traditional recipes makes Christmas in Philippines a memoir to treasure for long.

Christmas Decorations