Christmas in Norway

The frosty December in Norway decks up to greet the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th day of the month. Christmas in Norway is the time to beat the blues of winter amidst a number of activities whilst making the day an event to cherish for long. Supple shimmer of the white snow sets the background for the celebration of Christmas in Norway whilst the dotted presence of candles, Christmas trees and Santa Claus coupled with the immense décor with vibrant colors like red, green, gold and silver and the pungent reek of the homemade cookies amplifies the yuletide ambience. The beat to greet the Christmas begins long back and it is with the thump of the Scandinavians coupled with the resonance of the Christmas Carole and midnight mass Christmas steps in Norway with its entire significance.

The day starts with an immense spiritual fervor and is the time to go to the Church and to lay flowers on the grave of the loved ones. A refined reunion dinner on the day coifs the mood for a gala bash at the Christmas party thus making Christmas in Norway a reason to look forward. Traditional recipes like “Pinnekjřtt” which is the tasty salted and steam boiled ribs from lamb is served with potatoes. Pork, turkey and lye fish are some other conventional cuisine served during Christmas in Norway.

Christmas in Norway is the time to forget about all the worries and grudges and is the time to share and care whilst spreading the message of love amongst friends and family.

Christmas Decorations