Christmas in Nigeria

Nigeria, with detailed coastlines, with the lush of the savannah grasslands, with the clasping arid cliffs and deep valleys is the place to enjoy the vacation during Christmas. Christmas in Nigeria brings out the very best of the country whilst making it one of the cherished addresses to enjoy the thump of Christmas carnival. Christmas in Nigeria is an escape from the cold bleaks of winter snow to the rich heritage of African tradition. Whether to enjoy the cheer of the Africans at the Kurmi Market or to know the deep legendary sagas of the Emirís Palace Christmas in Nigeria is the best time to be in Africa. Nigeria with its entire tradition, gleam, buoyancies and extravaganza adds to the yuletide spirit during the end of December.

Christmas in Nigeria is the harmonious blend of deep tradition and old culture. One of the most common traditions in Nigeria whilst celebrating Christmas is decorating their homes and churches with palm fronds. According to the antique beliefs palm fronds signifies peace therefore by decorating the houses, shops, streets and churches with it the Nigerians ensures peace and prosperity on the Christmas eve. Christmas in Nigeria is celebrated amidst a number of activities. Apart from celebrating the yuletide ambience with parties, music, drums, Christmas carol and midnight mass celebrating Christmas with the traditional ĎEkoní play is the significant part of the celebration of Christmas in Nigeria.

The pungent reek of the traditional recipes, the hallelujah of the populace makes the celebration of Christmas in Nigeria even more colorful and jazzy.

Christmas Decorations