Christmas in Netherlands

The hangover of the colonial fragrance of the typical Dutch tradition, Dutch culture, age-old rituals and conventions of the Scandinavian heritage gains a definite dimension in the celebration of Christmas in Netherlands. It is the date of immense religious importance and is the time to forget about all the grudges and worries whilst preparing for a grand get together. Christmas in Netherlands attracts a lot of tourists to experience the very thump of the day amidst the variety of drum bands, opera’s, Christmas carol and the midnight mass. Celebration of Christmas in Netherlands brings out the very best of the Dutch capital amidst the varied traditions and rituals.

Vibrant decoration, music, colors and parties makes Netherland the most sought address during the Christmas time. The populace welcomes Christmas with Christmas trees and bon fire to chase out the evils. Special horns are also blown on this day to drive away the evil spirits from home In Netherlands St. Nicholas has been famed as Sinterklaas and a number of legendary sagas are associated with sinterklaas which enhances the yuletide spirit at Netherlands.

No Celebration of Christmas in Netherlands is complete without laying the Christmas table with traditional recipes. Christmas evening is the time in Netherlands to ponder on particularly prepared and deep fried dishes of ‘Dutch oliebol’ which is made of doughnuts in order to bring prosperity and good luck during Christmas time.

Christmas Decorations