Christmas in Japan

Tradition, age-old folklores and conventional beliefs laces Christmas in Japan whilst making it one of the greatest event in Japan to draw tourist from all around the world. The natural gleam of the land of rising sun, the frenzied hallelujah of the Japanese and the conventional customs of the date makes the celebration of Christmas in Japan a lot more colorful where passion gains a definite dimension.

Christmas originally in Japan was introduced by the Christian missionaries and is now a day an annual fiesta of blending the spiritual fervor with enthusiasm and fun.

Christmas in Japan is the typical reflection of the religious beliefs, tradition and folklore and is a significant event in Japan. A number of western customs has made their presence felt in the celebration of Christmas in Japan of which decorating with Christmas trees, eating the turkey and exchanging of gifts has gained importance in Japan.The idea of exchanging gifts to wish ’Merry Christmas’’ has fascinated the Japanese and is now a day a popular tradition to wish on the Christmas day with appropriate gifts for women, men and children.

In the celebration of Christmas in Japan the typical Japanese God or priest ‘Hoteiosho’ has substituted Santa Claus. ‘Hoteiosho’ is portrayed as a kind old man with a huge sack on his back. He has two pairs of eyes on his back and is there to protect and guide everybody.

Christmas Decorations