Christmas in Italy

Italian fashion, romance, glamour and extravaganza find diction in the celebration of Christmas in Italy. One of the most important carnivals, Christmas in Italy reflects the countries rich heritage, culture, ethnic tradition and most importantly the distinctive verve of the country. Christmas in Italy is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, hence is the day of sheer religious fervor and is celebrated with an immense passion in Italy where merrymaking is the basic crux.

No Christmas celebration is complete in Italy without the elaborate Christmas decoration. Apart from the Christmas trees and Santa Claus, the usage of the nativity scenes is very popular in Italy as a Christmas décor. Historical evidences unfolds that the usage of the nativity scenes as Christmas decors was originated in Italy. Christmas in Italy is the time to experience the frenzied passion of the Italians amidst the fanatic buzz of the country. The historical relics and enthralling baroque, the decorated boulevards and quaint cafes and restaurants makes the Vatican city of Rome an exotic place to celebrate Christmas. The shimmering canals of Venice, Cremona's historical architecture and gothic churches and the serenity of Valle d'Aosta makes Italy one of the most scintillating destinations in the world to be during Christmas.

Refined dinner, color, decoration and the thump of exchanging gifts enhance the spirit of Christmas in Italy.

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Christmas Decorations