Christmas in France

Christmas is one of the major festivals celebrated all around the world, though different countries celebrate it in different ways. France Christmas tradition is virtually a time of great festive occasion with people engaging themselves in various joyous and merry making activities. Christmas tradition in France is marked by lavish family feasts and great family gathering. Hectic preparations are marked before the start of Christmas, especially the theatres all around the country of France enact little plays called crèche, displaying clay figures of known as ‘santons’ or "little saints." French

France, the country of literature, art, culture, poise and music celebrates the yuletide spirit with much gusto typically on the 25th of December Christmas in France is the reflection of the country’s age old culture, ethnicity, rich tradition and folklore and is the day with immense religious importance. Christmas is one of the joyous occasions in France; it is the time to rejoice and cheer; an occasion to share and care. Artistic decoration and rich traditional food laces the celebration of Christmas in France whilst marking the birth of Christ a day of absolute zest.

Christmas decorations are better known as ‘sapin de Noël’ introduced in early 14th century when people decorated their homes with apples, paper flowers, and ribbons, though this custom has undergone several changes, yet it’s still continued in France where people beautifully decorate their homes, shops, offices and streets.

Rich color, nativity scenes or crèche are the main items for decoration and are also the focus of the celebration of Christmas in France. The crèche is often shacked by littler clay figures which not only unfolds the rich artistry of the French but also unties the extensive and ethnic tradition of the country. The thump for the celebration of Christmas in France although begins a lot before yet it is with the cheer of the populace, with the rhythm of the Christmas carol and o yes with the vibrancies of the Christmas fairs in Marseille and Aix, the fiesta gains a matchless diction.

Food Plays definitely the major role in the celebration of Christmas in France and the tang of the Le rveillon (the traditional French supper served after the midnight mass) pampers the revelers to experience the real pleasure of the day whilst making France the most cherished address during Christmas. The customary Yule log shaped cake is the traditional Christmas food in France.

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