Christmas in Australia

Christmas has all its shimmer, glitter, glory and gleam in Australia and is celebrated with sheer passion. Christmas in Australia has the entire razzle- dazzle like that of Christmas in New York, Paris or London however the weather is just the opposite during the late December in Australia. Christmas in Australia dies not have the white sheen of frost and snow as 25 th December is the summer time in Australia.

  • Midnight mass, Christmas carol teamed with the resonance of the Christmas bell from the churches makes Christmas in Australia an ideal occasion to share and care.
  • Christmas is the fiesta of celebrating the birth of Jesus hence is the day of immense spiritual significance in Australia. Age old tradition, deep religious beliefs, antique folklore and most importantly the cultural combine of the French, Greek, Italian, European, Chinese and Vietnamese offers an unmatched diction to the celebration of Christmas in Australia.
  • A unique ethnically varied Christmas celebration is the main attraction of Australia. Anglo-Celtic influence typically dominated Christmas in Australia and has yet not lost is grandeur even with the massive influence of the English style of Christmas celebration as a result of the huge overseas migrants.
  • These days the Christmas carnival in Australia is the curious blend of the traditional Anglo- Celtic culture with the modern English culture whilst bringing out the better of the two. Traditional roast turkey and steamed pudding, glazed ham, cold chicken, duck or turkey, cold deli meats, pasta, and salads galore are the typical Christmas menu in Australia.
  • Varied types of desserts fruit salad, ice-cream, Pavlovas, and mince pies, fruit cake, and chocolates adds to the glamour of the dinner table to make Christmas which is typically the fiesta of get together and togetherness a carnival to cherish for long.

Christmas Decorations