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They have become an essential part of a Christmas party. It is not just the kids; even adults love to take part in the games. Keep in mind the preference of the participants and also their numbers, before choosing a game. Arrange for prizes to be given out to winners; for all the kids who are taking part, giving some small gifts will be ideal. Christmas games are just perfect to break the ice, if you have people who do not know each other, attending your party.

Christmas Party Games

Christmas gift giving game: As we all know Christmas is partying with friends and family. Gift giving is an important ritual in Christmas parties. Guests bring gifts to the party and celebrate the holiday season. So, on this Christmas why donít you add up a bit of spice to your party with this simple yet funny game? Make all the guests of the party stand in a circle holding the gift he/she brought to the party. You can read a story aloud and every time the word Left is heard, guests holding their gift pass it to the left.
Every time the word Right is heard the gifts are passed to the right. At the end of the story, the gift that each person holds is the gift he keeps.

Christmas Games Ideas

Dressing up Santa: Santa is an iconic figure with the kids. So, on this Christmas when you are arranging a party for your kids, incorporate some of the fun activities. So, to begin, make a team of 4-5 kids. Each team should choose someone to play the part of Santa. Give each team the required materials and tell them to use those materials to make a costume for their Santa. Set a time limit say 10-15 minutes. After the time limit is over, let all the kids judge the Santas, so that everyone's a winner.

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