Last Updated: 21st January, 2020

Lucky Plants and Flowers for Chinese New Year

It's time to attract good luck and blessings into your household with lucky plants and flowers, The Lunar New Year is almost here. You can also send your well wishes and greetings to friends and family with our bouquets and flower arrangements.

So wish each other happiness, luck and good will with the following flowers and auspicious plants.



Chrysanthemums, are lucky flowers during Chinese New Year. They represent wealth, prosperity and longevity.

Lucky Bamboo:

Lucky Bamboo

This twisted and twirled bamboo plants brings good luck. It can also symbolise a lot of things depending on the number of stalks. Two stalks is said to represent love, five symbolise wealth, seven means good health and ten alludes to perfection. This particular plant is often decorated with red ribbons and other lucky ornaments to make it more auspicious.

Tangerine Tree / Kim Quat Plant:

Tangerine Tree

Tangerine tree is one of the favourite plant during Chinese New Year. It has an auspicious meaning of “lucky plants bearing fruits”.



The orchid is another popular lucky plant choice during the Chinese New Year. The orchid is a symbol of fertility and abundance, so bring one home.



Peonies in chinese are are most commonly known as “Flowers of Prosperity”, therefore it is one of the top choice in Chinese New Year.

Jade Plant:

Jade Plant

In Chinese culture, jade plant is widely know to attract wealth luck and good fortune with their emerald shaped green leaves,it require very little upkeep to survive.

Yellow wintersweet:

is one of the few flowers that peaks during winter and It's particularly popular during Chinese New Year because it smells gorgeous as well.

Money Plant:

Money Plant

is also known as Devil's Ivy. Beside being a symbol of good luck and fortune it is often used in homes and office as a natural air-purifier as it is able to omit toxins from the air.



Gerberas also filter out toxins from the air. So they not only make your home healthier, they definitely brighten up your space while also attracting positive vibrations.

Pussy Willow:

Pussy Willow

Pussy willow also known as catkins in Chinese tradition, signify the coming of Spring and Prosperity. It can also be related to growth and abundance of fortune.

Flamingo Lily:

Flamingo lilies are red or pink colour which symbolising prosperity, with blossoms shaped like little hearts, if you care for them properly, they'll last a long time.

Plum Blossoms:

Plum Blossoms

Peach blossoms are considered sacred in China and symbolise romance, prosperity and growth. They're also popular with young people looking for love.