Last Updated: 23rd January, 2020

Chinese New Year Decorations

Pretty Blossoms of peonies and other blossom of fresh flowers in the garden brings in the spring knocking at your door with the message of arrival of the New Year, a year of hope, love and prosperity.Chinese people are very pious about the celebration of their festivals and New Year marks the beginning of a new hope To Celebrate the grandeur of this auspicious occasion, Chinese people put in a lot of effort. Read on for more information about the new year celebration.

Before the New Year

Clean Up:

Before the New Year

Preparation for New Year begins with cleaning of the house in order to sweep away the Bad Luck of the bygone year and bring in Good Luck in the New year.

Make Over:

Getting a new look prior to the New Year, buying new clothes is considered lucky.

Food Menu:

Lucky food menu is also planned which includes fruits like oranges, symbolic of wealth, fish symbolic of abundance , noodles symbolic of long life, Candy symbolizes sweetness, Cakes(turnip or taro) which is symbolic of high rise every year.

Clear Debts:

For a fresh start in the New Year clearing off the debts is of utmost importance.

House Decorations For new year

Most of the Decorations for the New Year is done before the New Year's eve. The decorations are dominantly in Red and Golden color which are symbolic of Good luck and prosperity.

Kumquat Trees :

Kumquat trees are symbolic of good luck and prosperity. A house with live plants is considered very lucky as it is symbolic of rebirth and new growth. Kumquat trees are popularly displayed during Chinese new year, especially in certain regions of Hong Kong, Macau and Guangxi.

Peonies :


Fresh Blossoms of flowers are symbolic of ambitious position's in one's career. The peony is considered to be "the flower of richness and good luck" in China. Therefore it is a favorite New Year decoration.

Chinese Red Lanterns:

Chinese Red Lanterns

Chinese lanterns are an integral part of New year's decorations. These adorn the Household and markets right from the spring festival to the Lantern festival and Mid- autumn festival. Lanterns are hung on trees, in office buildings, and doorways of houses. It is believed that hanging Red Lanterns will drive off bad luck and bring in Good Luck..

Paper Cuttings:

Paper cutting is the art of snipping designs out of red colored paper and sticking these on a contrasting paper or a surface (e.g.wall or a window). It is a custom followed by people of northern and central China. Image of a peach adorning the paer cutting decorations symbolizes longevity, similarly pomegranate indicates fertility while a pine tree is symbolic of eternal youth.

New Year Paintings:

During New Year, special paintings symbolic of the festivity of the New Year adorn the doors and walls as New Year's greetings.Paintings of auspicious legendary figures and plants are a preferred option during New Year.

Door Couplets:

New Year couplets expressing best wishes and new year greetings are pasted on doors.Usually, New Year couplets are posted as even numbers which are considered to bring in good luck and auspiciousness as per the Chinese traditions. Couplets are written in black ink on red paper in Chinese calligraphy art. Most of the couplets are poems about the spring, harmony or prosperity. These couplets adorn the walls until next New Year.

Inverted 'Good Fortune' Signs:

In the same vein as new year paper cuttings and couplets is the pasting of big diamond shapes adorned in calligraphy are the inverted Chinese character (fú /foo/) over doors.These foo(meaning ‘good fortune') characters are purposely inverted as they want ‘Good Fortune' to ‘shower' on those coming in through the door.This amazing tradition is believed to have derived from an innocent mistake when a family attached their ‘foo' upside down as a mistake.

Superstitions during the New Year

  • Sweeping the house on the first day of Chinese New Year should be avoided as it is symbolic of sweeping away good luck.
  • Avoid washing or cutting of hair on the first day of New Year as hair symbolizes prosperity and cutting/washing them could cut/wash your prosperity away
  • Crying and raising of voice should be avoided as it is believed to set a tone of disharmony for the New Year.
  • Buying books and footwear be well avoided as books resemble loss and shoes: evil so, these should not be bought during the first week of New Year.
  • It is considered inauspicious to talk about death in a first few weeks of Chinese New Year.

With Open doors and windows and the bursting of Fire Crackers, Chinese New Year begins to Unfold with much fervor and joy among people. The loud explosion noises created by the fire crackers is believed to scare away evil spirits.

Happy Spring!!
Happy New Year!!