Last Updated: 27th May, 2019

International Children's Day 2019

Celebrated on June 1 each year, International Children's Day 2019 marks the 91st global celebration of the rights and well-being of children residing in different parts of the world. The day is observed not only to celebrate, but also appreciate children's role in shaping the future of different communities across the world.

Like every edition, the International Children's Day 2019 will witness speeches on child rights and well-being. Similar events will be hosted around the world involving children. International Children's Day has been celebrated in Turkey and in Geneva along with the rest of Switzerland since the mid 1920s. It is believed to be an outcome of two critical events that took place on June 1, 1925 – the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva and the gathering of numerous Chinese orphans in order to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival by the Chinese consulate general in San Francisco.

In case you don't know, International Children's Day is in line with the adoption of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Children on November 20, 1958.

Why is International Children's Day observed?

International Children's Day encourages countries to dedicate a day to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children. Additionally, this day also marks the implementation of projects that can promote the overall welfare of children around the world. As civilized adults, we must have a clear understanding of the need to care about children. Whether it's about preserving their health, education or upbringing, every possible measure should be taken to allow kids lead a healthy and happy life.

Not many know that the main stimulator of the International Children's Day was the Second World War that killed hundreds and thousands of children along with their parents. There's a growing need to turn our face to the children and offer them a quick and easy access to amenities that they'll remember for a lifetime.

Every child is psychologically tuned in a way that he/she extensively depends on the external assessments. If you praise a child, he/she will feel good. Quite similar to adults, even children find it too tedious to assess their success objectively. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to maintain a trustworthy relation with kids.

International Children's Day tries to serve the objective of making the adults understand the fact that medals and success are not as important as the happiness of a child. With the celebration of International Children's Day 2019, parents, teachers and the entire society are being sensitized to focus on intellectual development of children.

International Children's Day in Different Countries

The observance of International Children's Day is influenced by a country's custom and tradition. While Bulgaria celebrates the day with gift-giving to Children, people in Brazil celebrate the International Children's Day annually on the 12th day of October. Also, Chile has assigned the first Wednesday of October annually to be observed as the International Children's Day. Here, the day marks the purchase of toys for children of different age groups. The event, as authorized by the United Nations, honors children in different formats.

History of International Children's Day

Someone had rightly said, "Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow." The same idea compels us to think that it is our responsibility to protect children and ensure that they lead a strong and confident life. Thanks to the existence of advocacy groups and global NGOs, the young ones in vulnerable nations are able to live a quality life. The International Children's Day is dedicated to children worldwide.

Children's Day Party

Given below are the party themes you may choose from. 

Sugar And Spice Party:
  • Your kids are sure to appreciate such a wonderful theme for their party. As for the party invitations, you can use candies covered by decorative wrappers which will have the invitation wording printed on them. This will help you attract other kids to your party.
  • As for the food, you can arrange for cupcakes, sundaes, cinnamon rolls, spiced cider, and other items. To make the party an exciting one, let there be games like chocolates and candies treasure hunt and contests like decorating the cupcake and getting dressed up in fancy costumes.
  • The party favors you can gift to your guests include decorative bags full of candies, sweet treats, cookies, and flavored popcorn. For kids, you can arrange for activity bags including coloring books, crayons, stickers, and craft.

Beach Party:
  • One of the interesting Children's Day celebration ideas is to organize a beach party. You may choose invitations having the images of a sea and its beach. Colorful invitations will let your guests know that the beach party is indeed going to be fun and exciting.
  • An interesting idea is to write down the invitation wording on an inflated beach ball. Then you should deflate the ball and send your invitation in an envelope. Your guests, especially kids will have great fun blowing up the beach ball to check out the invitation. You can mention the beach party dress code in your invites so that your guests know what to wear for the occasion.
  • The food menu for your beach party may include light snacks like burgers, chips, and popcorn. Fruit salads, fruit juices made of orange and apple, lemon or strawberry squashes, and ice creams will make your party fun and exciting, especially for the kids. There can be games like volleyball. Building houses out of sand can make an interesting activity for kids, and even parents can join in to encourage them.
  • The party favors you may choose should be based on what kids like. Beach balls, sunglasses for kids and adults, and squirt guns are some of the gifts that can be offered to beach party guests. These items can be included in a decorative cellophane bag. The bag should be tied with chenille sticks before you present the party favor to your guests.

Magic Themed Party:
  • Kids enjoy magic, so you can plan a magic themed party for kids on Children's Day. Look for a magician who can entertain the kids with his special powers. To invite your guests to your party, you may choose invitations shaped like hats, animal figures, and things that kids appreciate. A handcrafted magic wand attached to an ecard can also make a great invitation for such a party.
  • A magic themed party can have finger foods, chips, and popcorn kept in upside-down top hats wrapped with paper towels. Cookies shaped like animal figures, pancakes, and fruit punch can also be offered to your guests. Serve a colorless soda like lemon-lime soda and encourage your guests to choose their ice cubes. Just make sure you arrange for ice cubes which will magically change the color of the drink when placed into it.
  • For a magic themed party, you may choose party favors like handmade wizard wands embellished with beads, jewels, and glitters. Wizard hats decorated with colorful ribbons or laces can make an adorable gift for kids. Alternatively, you may choose treat bags filled with gummy worms, fishes, frogs, and bugs as party favors.

Decorations For The Party
  • While you plan a kids' party for Children's Day celebration, look for items that'll help you decorate the venue in an exciting way. Balloon bouquets, crepe papers, and streamers serve as useful decorative items for any kind of party you may organize. Markers, crayons, and pictures cut from magazines can help you adorn the venue and give it an elegant look. As for the centerpiece, you may choose teddy bears, cowboy hats, and Barbie dolls adorned with colorful ribbons.
  • Colorful banners can be used as greeting signs for Children's Day party. In case you've chosen a Hawaii theme or a beach theme, your banner may read “Aloha” which means “Hello” or “Welcome”. Use orange, yellow, and pink colors to adorn the banner.

Children's Day Crafts

Encourage your kids to participate in crafts and let them have fun and frolic on Children's Day. Below, you'll find ideas for two such exciting crafts.

Things Required:
  • Light cardboard pieces (paper plates or breakfast cereal boxes)
  • Glue
  • Non-toxic paints, markers, crayons, and colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape or stapler
  • Thin elastic or string
  • Glitters and feathers

  • Take a cardboard piece of the size that fits your kid's face.
  • Encourage your kids to draw the mask on the cardboard.
  • Let them draw the eyes and nose.
  • Help your kids cut out the eyes and nose from the cardboard.
  • Let the mask have holes on each side.
  • Fix an elastic or string to each of the holes.
  • Let your kids paint the mask using their creativity.
  • Help them adorn the mask with feathers and glitters, once the paint dries.

Pom-pom Ice Cream Cone:
Things required:
  • 1/2 sheet of brown construction paper
  • White or pink pom-pom
  • Colorful beads (small in size)
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Roll over brown construction paper into a cone
  • Glue the cone and wait till it has set properly.
  • Apply glue around the rim of the cone.
  • Place a pom-pom on the glue and press it. Make sure the pom-pom gets down slightly into the cone.
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Dip the multi-colored beads on white glue so that you can decorate the pom-pom with them.

This is how your kids can create a glittering pom-pom ice cream cone.