Last Updated: 18th September, 2020

Boss Day Ideas

Boss Day Ideas
"A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him."
- H. S. M. Burns

Boss's day is celebrated on the 16th of October every Boss's Day or also known as National Boss Day is an occasion commonly celebrated in a number of countries like the United States, Canada and Romania. And now observed in countries such as Australia, India, and South Africa. It's a day to show appreciation for boss and to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors.

The origin of Boss day can be traced back to 1958 when Patricia Haroski, a secretary from Deerfield, Illinois, originated National Boss in honour of her father, who was her boss.On Haroski's birthday - October 16 - daughter Patricia registered the day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Four years later, National Boss Day was backed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner who officially proclaimed the day in 1962. The idea quickly gained favour across the country and is now celebrated across the globe. Boss day was first created in 1958 to strengthen the bond between employers and employees.

Giving you some unique ideas to celebrate Bosses day

  • Traditionally Boss day is celebrated by employees by giving their boss or supervisor a card. However, in recent years beside a card, People are giving candy and chocolates.

  • Organize a Team Thank You Card - nothing warms the heart like a handwritten card bearing the signatures of colleagues.
  • Organize a Team Thank You Card

  • Baking cake for him.
  • Baking cake for him

  • Some people give their bosses, gift certificates or flowers on Boss's Day.
  • Flowers for Boss day

  • Arrange an award ceremony. Even bosses and managers deserve a pat on their backs for a job well done. Take a break from your work during a scheduled tea or coffee break and have a simple award ceremony.
  • coffee break

  • Pool money together to buy bigger gifts.
  • Boss's Day Gift ideas

  • Gift your boss a basket full of goodies.
  • Boss's Day Gift basket ideas

  • Organise a potluck party. Have a simple party in the office and get everyone to bring in a dish to share.

  • You can have a Have a picnic lunch on bosses day. Everyone could bring a dish, and sit on the grass in a nearby park if the weather is really good.
  • Boss's Day picnic lunch

  • You can use the day as an excuse to take the boss to lunch or coffee... simply to express appreciation for the hard work and encouragement.
  • Boss's Day lunch ideas

  • After work celebrations. You can organise a night out full of activities with your boss and other colleagues.
So let your boss know that you value him/her and understand that being the boss isn't always easy.