Yummy chocolate cake with only 3 ingredients

To prepare this cake We do not need an oven, butter, maida, sugar, and egg.
All we need is Bon Bon biscuits pockets.


Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake Ingredients

2 packets bon bon biscuit big packets
1 ENO packet
1 cupmilk
2 tspcooking oil for greasing the tray
Some finely chopped dry fruits


Easy chocolate cake
Yummy chocolate cake with only 3 ingredients

Take a blender jar and add 2 packets of bon bon biscuits , and make a powder of it by grinding.
Add 1ENO and 1 cup of milk to it and grind again for 30 seconds to get a smooth batter.
Apply oil on a non stick pan using a brush along the sides, take a butter paper and again apply some oil on it.
Pour the biscuit batter into the pan and tap a little bit to remove the bubbles, if any.
Place a griddle of iron tava on the gas burner and heat it well.
Now place the pan on this griddle
Add some dryfuits on the batter It looks good
Now close the lid and cook it for about 25 to 30 minutes on a low flame, but make sure to block the lid hole using a clove.
After 30 minutes remove the lid and check if the cake is baked properly or not, for that you can vertically insert a toothpick in the cake. If the batter is non-sticky to your toothpick, then your cake is perfectly cooked. Now allow it to cool for 10 minutes.
Now take out the cake from the pan and peel off the butter paper from bottom gently
In microwave in a glass bowl Add 100gms of milk chocolate grated With 1/4th cup of whipped cream Microwave it for 30 secs
Pour this ganache over your ready cake But Only When Cake is completley cool
Decorared with chocolate chips and frozen cherry
Let it cool before Put it in fridge for sometime to set
Yummy chocolate cake is ready

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