World Environment Day

Celebrate World Environment Day
World Environment Day,
Start Today, Save tomorrow

The World Environment Day is a reminder to all the citizens of the earth to sit back and think about the planet earth and preserve it for the future generation. The World Environment Day(WED), an initiative by the United nations environment program was started on 5th June in 1972 to identify problems related to environmental hazards and take corrective measures. That was the year when the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment came into being. In 1973, WED was first celebrated to tackle the environmental ills like the environmental governance, disasters and conflicts,climate change, hazardous substances, global warming and management of Eco-system, biodiversity and resource efficiency. Since then 5thJune came into being to be known as the world environment day.

The World Environment Day invites people from all the walks of life to come forward and do their bit to save the planet and understand their responsibility to ensure a greener and cleaner place to live in for the future generations to come. It has received wide support from public, non profit organizations and governments from across the world.Each year different cities play host to World Environment day, with a complete new theme. The Environment week kicks off from 5thof June. This year Brazil will play the host to the event with a new theme of Green Economy. As the name suggests, the idea green economy is about public and private investment aimed at curbing carbon emissions and pollution, boosting energy and resource efficiency, and promoting balance in ecosystem and preventing loss of biodiversity.So on this World Environment Day, let the world go green with small individual efforts from everyone on this earth. Send World Environment Day Cards to your friends and relatives and motivate them to plant more and more trees.    

Protect our earth today
Connecting People to Nature

Save Environment
Preserve the beauty of nature

Happy world environment day
Protect your mother who, nourish you.

Protect the earth
Save trees ,Save the environment!!

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