Why/How do people touch our lives?



Man is a social animal who lives amidst the most complex of emotions – love, joy, pain, trust, sorrow, deceit, repentance, excitement, respect, loneliness, humiliation and anger. Every day of our lives, a new story is scripted which is shadowed by one or the other human emotion. And there’s one important set of characters who play a lead role in every chapter of this story – the people we meet and know in different walks of life.

1. Emotional Support – There are instances in life when all you need is someone to be by your side when you are down for any reason whatsoever. Friends or even mere acquaintances come out of the blue and share our sorrows, which console our hearts time and again. They leave an indelible mark of love that’s to be cherished forever.

2. Financial Support – Apart from love and care, there are times when we are in deep financial trouble, severe enough to take us into serious depression. We lose all our hopes and even think of ending our lives if the situation worsens. But then the lord almighty sends someone to our rescue who lends us the money that we need to get out of trouble. We can’t deny the fact that money is an inevitable part of our lives and people helping in those risky times touch our hearts deeply and forever.

3. Love – the sheer presence of that one person (our life partner) makes life worth living or even dying for. Lots of people come, leave an impression on our lives and depart. But the one who stays there with us all through our lives is the one that almost completes us – the one whom you can’t live without

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