Why I love you



8 Reasons Why I Love You

  1. The warmth of your hug dissipates all negative energies from my body and I feel content.
  2. The best moments of my day are when I am with you. I wish I could stop the time from moving on then.
  3. Your body’s fragrance takes me in to the whole new world; ‘heaven’ is the word, I guess.
  4. Your sensuousness and stunning curves drives me crazy.
  5. The softness of your lips gives tough competition to Rose petals.
  6. Your good night kiss is the reason for my sound, deep sleep every night. Only then, the words ‘Sweet Dreams’ become a reality.
  7. Your gentle hand massage is the greatest stress-buster in the world.
  8. There could be no better start to my day other than waking up with sweet kiss

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