What’s Special on Diwali…

Decorations of Diwali

Diwali gives a wonderful chance to people to decorate their homes tastefully. As passion of Diwali is not restricted only to India, people adorn their homes worldwide on this festival. Decorating homes with especially Diwali decorative items fills the home with celebratory spirit and glee. People ornament their homes with traditional Diwali decorative items like clay lamps, torans or door hangings, decorative lanterns or lamps, sculptures and idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha, rangoli and the like. This ethnic decoration infuses the spirit of fiesta enthusiasm among people.

Rituals of Diwali

Celebrations of Diwali are incomplete without rituals of Diwali. Most importantly they include worshipping of Laxmi-Ganesha before bursting firecrackers and enjoying sweets. The very first step of the commencement of celebrations on a Diwali night is worship of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. Other than this, Diwali is a five day festival and celebrations continue for five consecutive days.

Diwali celebrations cast a magical charm which throws away dirt and darkness not only from our homes but from also our hearts. Throughout the year, we are excited for celebrating Diwali. On this day, we forget bitter experiences and feelings and put in our best efforts to enjoy Deepawali celebrations in complete harmony with each other which is the best way to enjoy this festival.

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