What Your Birth Month Says About You

What Your Birth Month Says About You
What Your Birth Month Says About You

November born, you are very determined, compassionate and positive.
They love their privacy. November born tend to have only one or two close friends and they let in only a few people.
In love, they can be committed and loving provided they are given their private space.


They excel in their careers.
They cannot have partnership with someone who is nagging or needy in any way.
They are patient with things and have great tolerance level.


They do well in careers of authority such as teaching, law enforcement, and the military..
They are hardworking and are focused, determined.
Generosity is one of their strong traits. They are motivational, brave and driven, but do not like to be praised.


They have no control over their emotions except anger- they have excellent anger management skills.
They attract others with their charming attitude. Money issues sometimes stress them out but because you are hardworking you will always come out on top.

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