What to Write on a Gift Tag

Gift Tags Carry Wishes – From heart to Heart

Gift tags have a fairly short shelf life. If they don’t get lost before the gift is open, they are just put aside and the gift is opened. Usually they are read for the name of the giver only.

Here are some tag lines to go along with your gift:

  1. You are priceless, here is a small token from our side on your birthday.
  2. You do have almost everything world can give you, here is something picked just for you and wrapped with loads of love.
  3. I know you told me to just come on my own, but you are my own dear. Hope this add to your collection.
  4. Would have loved you to tell us what we get for you. Hope you need this and use this day in and day out.
  5. You have worked hard, you own your world, hope this gesture of love finds a corner somewhere.

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