What to Write on a Get Well Card

Get Well Card
Beds are not made for you to lie flat ;)

What to Write on a Get Well Card

There are only a few among us who look good jumping all over the place, smiling and laughing, eating and mingling, singing and dancing – Just living life and adding value to the lives of those who know them.  Definitely, you are the only one I know who is 100% there.

Seeing you recovering feels good but I want to see you back being your natural self. You look good wearing formals and making a client pitch. I am sure each new day is bringing you closer to complete recovery. I have been thinking about you a lot, make sure I don’t have to that for long. OK?

Prayers are in place and food would be to your liking, let me know when should I announce your “got going again” party.

Love you loads and do much much better in just a moment.

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