What to write in a farewell card

Farewell my friend, you mean world to us

It is so difficult to say Goodbye and especially to someone like you who was so immersed in the system. For every little thing one just looked towards you. Whether it was your job or not, you knew it and that is what made the difference. You are what everyone seeks in a colleague, positive, helpful and, if I may say so no nonsense.

I understand it is for greener pastures and I understand that this is the right time for you to make or break it. However, you would be missed day in and day out. Firstly, I won’t have someone to get me my coffee when I am too tied-up to get up and get it. Further, I will fondly remember you checking on me before calling it a day, everyday.

Love you my friend, do well and best wishes for the new world in your life.

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