What Kind of a Mother are You!!

Mother's Day Quotes
Thanks for being you. Happy Mother’s Day

Mother, the magnanimous creation of god is, blessed with as varied hues as the Gladiolus are. They are all the same when resembling a group and all the more different in hues,  looks, dress up and behavior. Here are a few types of moms that we think dominate the society. Read on, for a more ironical Raison d’être.

1.Close Proximity-Mom – This type of mom has a strong belief that the universe is always conspiring against her child. As a result, she is always seen in  extremely close proximity and guarding her child with all the unseen harms of the nature, practically suffocating her little darling.

Beware: Never- ever get in between a close proximity mom and her kid or else you will become a  witness to the most obnoxious case of  “mama bear” scenario”.

2.Freestyle-Mom – The seemingly freestyle mom believes in the fundamentals of “Live and let live”. This mom supports the belief that the child has all the right in the world to do whatever comes in his/her mind.

Beware: Keep 911 as a priority on speed dial in case of emergency situations when around such a mom.

3) Tech savvy-Mom – This mom is all about her favorite latest tech gadgets like  smart phone, iPad, e-readers etc. Evening park strolls with the kid are actually her time of flaunting her precious gadgets as well as make the best use of them to browse through her emails, calls, or  updating Instagram .

Beware: Never ever do the mistake of discussing gadgets with her.

4) Business-Mom – A close relative of Tech savvy-Mom, Business-Mom is a stern, authoritarian parent, even when she’s helping her kid in coloring a basic figure of an apple. This mom practically no problem managinig a multi-million dollar business, or castigating an employee while conceitedly scanning at the so called “simple” moms who are not blesssed with as pleasing a resume as hers.

5) Imperious-Mom – To mom’s of this category, it is always her way or the highway. She is a real boss around deciding what her child should play in the playground. Not only this, she will be the one to tell the other moms and their kids as to what activities they should be performing in the playtime.

Beware: Of all the stuff that she knows better, much better than anyone else.

6) Super Human-Mom – She is a Super woman in true sense. She is great at taking care of her kids in all walks of life.She is an all alert mom who provides her child with best brand organic food and clothing. She is a living angel and a mascot of GO-Green campaign as she does everthing out of her way to make sure that the environment, and the world remains a littl more greener.

Beware: She is a 24×7 reminder to all the other moms that they are not doing enough for their child, environment and mother nature.

7) Procrastinating Mom – “Honey, do it this way”, will be her patent dialogue always prefixed with a ‘No’. Followed by something like “You know that mommy will be upset on seeing you fall down and hurt yourself” . Guilt and stigmatising of the child are the main constituents of their behaviour.

Beware: Of all the mean and procrastinating stuff she will say when keeping a watch on other kids.

8) Vying-Mom – This mom’s child is the most extra ordinary and all rounder in all activities. She will never forget to mention to you that how her kid is always better than yours in all the ways possible. “Intolerable” is just a tip of the iceberg in describing this parent.

Beware: She will always be vying for an opportunity for praising her child. Better ignore them at all costs.

9) Juvenile-Mom – It’s often a challenge as to decide who is more childish, Mom or the kid. Juvenile-Mom’s relive her childhood while bringing up her own kids. She is a carefree and freewill mom who could be seen taking rides on a slide four times more than her child or compete with her kid on the monkey bars.

Beware: Stay away from the scariest Juvenile-Mom.

Hope now you know as to what type of mom you are!!. Send Mothers Day messages to make it memorialble.

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