What is Sweetest Day ?

Happy Sweetest Day
What is Sweetest Day ?

Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated every year on the third of October, primarily only in the Mid-West. Many people refer to Sweetest Day as a “Hallmark Holiday”, meaning that it is a made-up holiday, in order for candles, cards and flowers.

“Life is always better with chocolates”

Sweets are symbolic of happiness and cheer in life. Sweetest Day came to be celebrated since 1922 in Cleveland in the US, as a way to bring happiness and cheer into the lives of orphans, underprivileged and the forgotten members of the society in the form of confectionaries. The idea of Sweetest Day was conceived by Herbert Birch Kingston a philanthropist and candy company employee during the Great Depression and is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in the month of October.

Sweetest Day Calendar
Date Holiday Day
October 17, 2015 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 15, 2016 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 21, 2017 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 20, 2018 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 19, 2019 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 17, 2020 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 16, 2021 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 15, 2022 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 21, 2023 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 19, 2024 Sweetest Day Saturday
October 18, 2025 Sweetest Day Saturday


Facts about Sweetest day
Origin of Sweetest day

Sweetest Day was primarily observed in the Great Lakes region and the Northeast parts of US. However over a period of time the celebration has spread its wings to the other areas of the country. On 8th October, 1922 the first Sweetest Day was observed and movie star Ann Pennington presented 2,200 Cleveland newspaper boys with boxes of candy. Theda Bera, another popular movie star distributed 10,000 boxes of candy to the people in Cleveland hospitals. People all over Cleveland followed suit in this gesture of showing care and instilling a sense of wellbeing in those who had taken a fall during the hard times of the Great Depression.

Evolvement of Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day 2019
Things You Need To Know About Sweetest day

Sweetest Day symbolism of bringing sweetness into the lives of the underprivileged has evolved over the period of years. Today Sweetest Day also includes expression of romantic love and appreciation to friends.

Sweetest Day is based principles of humanity, love and faith. The day is significant because it is full of empathy with a promise of a brighter future.

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