What are fun things to do with your dad on Father’s Day

Hurry!!! You daddy’s day is just around the corner. Pull up your socks and get set, go!?

If you know that your dear daddy possesses that streak of a social worker, then you can take him down to an outreach program, a local soup kitchen or a community garden. Both of you can dwell in helping and organizing activities and make your day spent well.

Shooting fun Activity
Father’s Day Fun Activities

For a sporty dad, a trip to the shooting range can just be a superb deal on this special day. Take him to a shooting range and let him dwell in his favorite sport. And if you are not too much of a hit and shoot person, then this is good opportunity for you to learn a few tricks of the game. . So, pick up the gun and just shoot!

Experience the beauty of the nature’s flora and fauna.

Camping can be a wise idea to get a few lessons way from the busy life of your dad. Select a location that can be an ideal spot for a camping set up. Drive a few kilometers outside the city and experience the beauty of the nature’s flora and fauna. With camping on board, take tips from your dad on practical life that shall come of much use in future. For example, identify a few plants, learn how best to light a fire, try and make basic knots, ask him about how best to use pocket knife etc.

Road trip ideas
Plan a road Trip

Get your car ready and set go on an adventurous road trip with your father. This shall give you ample time to reconnect with your dad and have conversation that was perhaps missing in your life. Ask him about his memorable moments, important things that he had undergone and moments that he misses. Plan ahead so that you have memorable road trip down the country lane within a few interesting places to discover and explore.

old library
Go to a library and arrange for a tour of the archives

Re-visit the past with your nostalgic academically oriented dad. Go to a library and arrange for a tour of the archives and your dad shall remain preoccupied on his day out.

Barbecue party ideas
Barbecue party

Throw a barbecue party on this special day dedicated to your dearest dad. This is one activity in which everyone of the family will be involved With your food lover daddy, such a party will definitely earn you high five.

Look for a music festival
Music Concert

To add a little extra flavor to his love for music. Look for a music festival that is happening in and around your city. Choose the one that your father will fall involve with.

The warrior dad might actually like that you are so thoughtful if you take him to a paintball venue on this marvelous day and marvel him with a gift that he never tough of. Let him indulge in those little friendly battles that will keep him charged for the forthcoming days.

Fishing activity with dad
Fishing activity

If your father loves fishing , then take him to a quite countryside for a fishing expedition. Make arrangements before so that you are not in a hurry trying to pick up the equipment necessary for a fishing trip down the valley. Choose a location which is quiet, serene and away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Make sure that your father has enough to nibble in between the time when the fish is not biting the fishing rod.

Unique activity for the Classic Car Lover
Vintage hot roads and electric cars

For the lover of automobiles and gears, take a stroll to the nearest car show that has a lovely collection of vintage hot roads and electric cars.

What about doing nothing? That’s a rare day to dwell into. So let your father celebrate this day with no phones to answer, no emails to reply to, and no errands to run. Just let him chill and relax to his heart’s desire.

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