Wedding Venues

With endless wedding venue options to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down your choices and select a venue that suit your budget, location, and style criteria. We’ve brought some interesting  wedding reception ideas to make your wedding day extra special.

If you’re planning to have a wedding, deciding on the wedding venues is the foremost task. Since the ceremonial occasion usually takes place at church or at homes, the wedding party takes place at a particular place.

  • You should plan your wedding venue depending on your budget and convenience of the location.
  • If you’re having a summer wedding, then a beachside venue is a great idea, for it offers you a romantic ambience filled with unmatched seaside natural view.
  • There are many exotic wedding venues around the world, from wild sea beaches to picturesque snow clad valleys.

Historic Venues

Wedding Venues
Historic Venues
  • If you’re planning for a traditional wedding ceremony in the midst of historic castles and gorgeous valleys, then try out the magnificent county house setting of Scotland replete with luxurious halls, beautiful lawns decorated with wild orchids all along.
  • The beautiful city of Sicily in Italy, popularly known as a city displaying flamboyant ancient culture and wide glorious age old castles, is an ideal wedding spot. The city is surrounded by greenery, furnished with comfort, also offering the visitors a relaxing tranquil atmosphere, flavouring the beauty of the exotic setting, coupled with attractive wedding destinations.

Royal Venues

Wedding Venues ideas
Royal Venues
  • If you’re planning for a royal setting as a wedding venue, then the wonderful palaces of the Pink City of Jaipur, situated in Western India is a great idea.
  • The regal ambience of the past era, the authentic backdrop in a traditional style, coupled with the medieval grandeur of the wide palaces, their architecture and the imperial charm of the historic city contribute significantly in making it the ideal wedding destination.
  • The most distinct feature of these palaces is that they offer you an expansive courtyard with large acres of lush gardens, flowing fountains, shadowed trees, and finely engraved monuments. Moreover, all these facilities are offered to you at an unbelievable budget.

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor Wedding Venues
Outdoor Venues
  • To make your wedding venue look more elegant, go in a theme decoration or a simple yet gorgeous décor made of flowers, garlands, bells and other accessories.
  • You can also give special personalized touches to the party favors, like glass party lanterns, if you’re planning for a garden reception.
  • Also personalized candles found in different shapes, table centerpieces like bowls of flowers and floating candles, floating rose-shaped candles in shades of pastel colors truly enhance the charm of wedding decorations.

If you’re planning a seasonal wedding, then decorate your wedding venue with beautiful touches of the season like handmade flower boxes made of autumn leaves, mini rose floral topiary which is definitely going to add grace and beauty to the setting.

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