Wedding Shower Gifts Ideas

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Popular Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

Surprise the bride-to-be with memorable bridal shower gifts she’ll love. Discover unique bridal shower gifts & wedding shower gifts that are thoughtful.

A wedding shower is a party hosted for the couple before their wedding day. Traditionally, a wedding shower is a party generally thrown to allow friends and family a chance to spend quality time with the bride before she starts her married life. But nowadays, wedding showers are becoming more and more popular. A wedding shower invitation carries with it an obligation to send a gift. Legend has it that the first shower was organized for a couple deeply in love, but lacking the money to settle and outfit their new home. So, their friends and family got together and bestowed the couple with gifts to help them start their new life together.

Today, there are endless possibilities of bridal shower gifts. But selecting wedding shower gifts can really be a brain racking experience. But don’t panic as you have come to the right spot! DGreetings offers you some of the popular Bridal Shower Gift Ideas.

    • Depending on your relationship with the bride or groom, the wedding shower gift can be casual or something more substantial. But do remember that all gifts come straight from the heart – be it small or elaborate. While selecting for the Wedding Shower Gifts, take some time to reflect on the interests, personality and style of the recipients. Think about their lifestyle and individuality. The answers to these questions will help you create a gift-giving “profile”, which will help you to narrow your gift choices. And you can bet that every time they use your gift, they will think of your thoughtfulness. If you still don’t get an answer to your queries, then settle for general stuffs.

    • Generally, home décor and household appliances make great wedding shower gifts. But you can go for gifts that women generally love to receive.
Wedding Shower Gifts Ideas
Household appliances

    • Generally women adore jewelry, so indulge her with gifts of love that will sparkle in her eyes. It is said that diamonds are always the first choice for women but you can go for less-expensive artificial jewelry, as they are a rage amongst women of all ages and lifestyle.

    • Give the bride-to-be the deserved pampering and relaxation with a gift basket wrapped up with shells, beads and ribbons and stuffed with a body lotion, face cleanser, apricot facial scrub, moisture cream, Hawaiian salt glow, wood face brush, facial sponge scrubber, cashmere robe, and salon towel. The spa basket stuffed with exclusive products with rich texture and soothing aromas will help soothe skin irritation, stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress.
Spa basket stuffed with exclusive products
Spa Gift

    • For the groom to be, accessories in sync with their style and individuality are well received gifts. So, a stylish wristwatch, tie bar, titanium ring, leather messenger bag or designer wallet will be a great gift idea for him. A skin care gift set including deep cleansing face scrub, vitamin enriched shaving creams, shaving lotions, rejuvenating moisturizing cream, face fixer which instantly stops bleeding caused from razor cuts, shampoo and conditioner.
Shaving Gel
A skin care gift set

  • Nowadays most of the guys are gizmo freak. They are stuck to computers and laptops at their office, talking on their latest cell phones or listening to their ipods. Apart from hi-fi mobile electronic and computer gadgets there are also car stereos and high quality speakers, DVDs, surround-sound systems for the home-theatre and many more items that men desire to have. You may present anything of these stuffs to the would be groom.
Bluetooth speakers
High quality speakers

These are some of the popular wedding shower gifts that will make the couple feel special.


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