Wedding Ring Ideas

Whether it’s an engagement ring and your first-time diamond purchase, or simply a gift for a loved one, we present to you our guide to ring selection.

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment one upholds in a marital relationship. A wedding ring should be such that it can withstand any wear and tear. That’s because it is something you will be wearing for your lifetime and you will have special memories associated with it. Your wedding ring should reflect your personal style. So, go for one that’s best suited to your taste and style.

Types of Wedding Rings
Based on the type of metal used, there are wedding rings made of diamond, gold and white gold, platinum and titanium. A brief outline on each of them is given below. It will help you decide which one to choose for your wedding.

Diamond wedding rings:

Beautiful Wedding Ring
Diamond wedding rings

Having diamond in your wedding ring adds sparkle to your ring and makes it look bright. Your ring won’t get scratched and look dull with time as it happens with rings made of plain gold. Of all diamond wedding rings, channel set rings are highly popular as they retain their sparkle even in between cleanings. They are hard gemstones which protect your ring from any wear and tear. However, prong setting diamond allows more light such that the metal shines brilliantly.

If you’re confused about which diamond ring to choose, go for one that matches your engagement ring. For instance, if your engagement ring has channel set, hammer set or grain set diamonds, use a wedding ring that has similar set of diamonds. If your engagement ring has diamonds in its band, it is a good idea to have such diamonds span across the same length of your wedding ring as well.

Gold wedding rings:

Gold jewelry
Gold wedding rings

You may go for a gold wedding ring but make sure it is combined with alloys. That’s how gold jewelry becomes more durable. However, a disadvantage of using the alloys is that they make the gold tarnish. Sometimes, alloys may cause allergy to those who wear them. Therefore, to ensure that the quality of gold is retained while it doesn’t create allergic reactions, standard types of gold rings such as 18k, 14k and 10k are used. If you want to try out something different other than a gold ring, you may go for white gold wedding rings. They may have similar features as a gold ring. But white gold is combined with various alloys which give it an “almost white” color, thus adding to the beauty of your wedding ring.

Platinum wedding rings:

Trendy Wedding Ring
Platinum wedding rings

Generally regarded as a heavy metal, platinum can just be the ideal one that will make your wedding ring last longer. It’s heavier than 14K gold by around 60%. The color of platinum may be white but when properly maintained, it will look graceful and add beauty to your wedding ring. However, platinum loses its new look much before gold does. Also, it is quite tedious and costly to maintain a platinum wedding ring than one that’s made of gold.

Titanium wedding rings:

Wedding Ring Ideas
Titanium wedding rings

Titanium weighs only one-third of what gold weighs. So, if you want a light-weight wedding ring, buying one made of titanium may be right for you. The color of titanium is white, although it is slightly darker than the color of platinum and white gold. The disadvantage of titanium is that it doesn’t resist scratch. But the best thing is, platinum resumes its new look if you consider polishing it a little.

Unique Wedding Rings
If you’re interested to go for unique wedding rings, try out the ones made of tungsten, stainless steel or cobalt chrome.

Tungsten wedding rings:
Tungsten carbide is the hardest of all metals. Hence it can resist wear and tear and retain its shine without consistent re-polishing. Due to its durability, tungsten is best for those having an active lifestyle. You will find tungsten rings mostly in black and white along with a variety of designs – be it a traditional or engraved ring. Tungsten is a popular choice for those who’d like to go for cheap wedding rings.

Stainless steel ring:
Stainless steel is durable and affordable. Hence, it may not get scratched easily. It is a polished metal which lasts longer than other metal rings. Stainless steel rings are not allergic except the ones that have nickel. So, most of these rings are comfortable to wear. Stainless steel goes through better processing techniques which aren’t followed in case of other metals. Hence, it is environment-friendly as well.

Cobalt chrome rings:
Cobalt chrome wedding rings have a color that’s whiter than titanium and tungsten. Such rings look somewhat similar to platinum in appearance. The best thing about this wedding ring is that its white color can be retained for long. Also, it can resist scratches much more than gold and platinum.

How to Choose a Wedding Ring
When it comes to choosing wedding rings for women, one needs to think whether the ring will take attention away from the one used for engagement. Just remember, your wedding ring is a reflection of your bonding with your beloved. So, you’d surely want it to be something interesting. Of course, it should be one that compliments your personality. Now, when you choose wedding rings for men, go for one that fits their lifestyle.

When you buy a wedding ring, consider what effect it can have on your lifestyle. Most importantly, you should choose a wedding ring that speaks about the eternal love existing between you and your spouse.

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