Wedding Reception Ideas

The importance of a successful wedding cannot be overstated. You need some refreshing and trending wedding reception ideas.

“He has already slipped the ring on your finger, and you have said ‘yes’, A thousand thoughts for the wedding reception, and Oh! You must not stress”

Wedding receptions are beautiful and a grand one is what everyone seeks. With busy schedules, this should not come in way of joie-de-vivre. A wedding reception of yours therefore should exude happiness, fun and warmth.

While you can choose an old-school version for your wedding reception, it is a theme wedding reception that fancies most people, and shouldn’t your ‘D’ day be entertaining enough for your guests too? We are sharing with you tips to plan a fun wedding reception, so go on and choose the best for yourself.
Ivory and Red Theme Wedding

Wedding Reception themes
Ivory and Red Theme Wedding

Ivory and red are classic colour combination and symbolises warmth and love. As a couple to be the theme should be reflected in the wedding attire and decor as well. Your wedding gown can be enhanced with a red brooch while the groom can sport an ivory suit as well. The venue can be decorated with scarlet and white roses along with glassware and tableware in complimenting colours. A red velvet cake with white frosting and wine (both red and white again!) would be just perfect for the occasion.

Colour Blocking Theme Wedding Reception

Wedding Ideas
Colour Blocking Theme Wedding Reception

Using colours from the rainbow (quite literally) is the latest trend. You can choose a white tent as a backdrop and highlight it with colourful flowers (look at orchids and other flowers) by creating over-sized decorations that stand out. You can also create a bulb-line using colourful bulbs or add colourful candle votives that would further enhance the look of the venue.

Victorian Theme Wedding Reception

Vintage Wedding theme
Victorian Theme Wedding Reception

With vintage theme getting popular by the day, a Victorian theme wedding would definitely stand out. You can choose a backyard or an old mansion to host the event. The decor needs to highlight the Victorian era dominated by frills and bold colours like purple, bottle green and red. You can also drop in the venue in a buggy and surprise your guests.

Travel Theme Wedding Reception

Dream destination wedding ideas
Travel Theme Wedding Reception

If as a couple you share the passion of travel, a wedding reception with the same theme can be a great idea. You can choose to recreate your dream destination. Incorporate the theme in the invitations, menu and decor.

Apart from the various themes you can add a lot of fun and frolic with these tips below:

  • Include wedding table board games. This would give laughter a chance.
  • Create a lounge area apart from the regular seating. This would help your guests to unwind and interact better.
  • Apart from regular drinks add a beer or wine tasting counter. This would be appreciated by all.
  • Surprise your guests with a belly dancer or a dance mob by close family members.
  • Create an exceptional photo booth and send the pictures with a thank you note later to the guests.
  • Create a special playlist of songs that has one favourite song of the attending. This would make your guests feel warm and fuzzy, since it can’t be more personalised than this!

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