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Wedding gifts for guests are small tokens of appreciation and gratitude that are gifted to the guests by the bride and the groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. It is customary in many traditions for the bride and groom to bestow a gift upon each individual involved in their wedding party as a “thank you” for their involvement. Nowadays, gifts to guests are popularly known as wedding favors and this ritual has transcended every geographical boundary. These gifts play an integral part in wedding planning and have complemented ceremonies and receptions alike.
Wedding Guests Gifts are diverse, they can range from trinket box, vases, candles to personalized wallets and gift baskets. Given below are some of the wedding gifts for guests that express thanks from your part.
Personalized Gifts –

The couple can have their name written on the gift or they can also engrave some of their own thoughts on the gift. There are many ways of making wedding gifts, personalized gifts. Couples can go for personalized wallets, pens, photo frames with their initials, or even can opt for the bottle messages which contain their personal messages saying “Thank you” rolled and kept in beautiful bottles.

Gift Baskets –

Get Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests.
Gift Baskets for Guests

Gift Basket brimming with an assortment of various goodies gives you an opportunity to wish the bride and groom from the core of your heart.
Gift baskets are easy and quick, yet a thoughtful way to delight all those who bring happiness to your life. Gift Baskets filled with everything that one wants to gift, is a unique way to make the guests feel special. From Chocolate Food Baskets, Spa Gift Baskets, Snack Gift Baskets to Nut Gift Baskets and Pantry Food Gift Baskets, the possibilities of Gift Baskets are endless.

Chocolate Gift Basket –

Chocolate Gift Hampers
Chocolate gift basket ideas

Chocolates are considered as an elixir of romance. And on such a special day celebrating love and romance, how can you forget chocolate wedding gift baskets? Chocolate gift baskets include a variety of gourmet quality chocolate items. There are normally a variety of different makes and kinds of chocolates in a chocolate gift basket. Always remember not to go for those baskets that have only one variety of chocolates. Try to find one with a variety of makes and tastes. For instance, a basket brimming with chocolate fudge-filled Lake Champlain Small World Truffles Marich Single Serve – Chocolate Cherries, Lake Champlain Chocolate Bar, Caramel Bayard’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels – assorted milk, dark & ivory, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, dark chocolate Raspberry chocolate chips, chocolates of Vermont and chocolate with apricots will satisfy any chocoholic on the earth.

Candy Gift Basket –

Chocolate Gifting
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Do you know someone who has a sweet tooth and is getting married soon? Then hurry up and grab a candy gift basket with an array of sweet treats. Always remember not to go for those baskets that have only one variety of candies. Try to find one with a variety of makes and tastes. For instance, a basket brimming with fruit filled candies, tearberry gum, zagnut, kazoo toffee, Vanilla Taffy, strawberry sticks, Rainbow coconut, cherry mash, Red raspberry dollars, Indian pumpkin seeds, Boston baked beans, Candy buttons, Giant Smarties, Jujubes, Jujyfruits, Jumbo Mint Stick, Red Hots, Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll Rock Candy Crystals, Sugar Daddy Pops, French chew vanilla and much more, is an absolute delight to gift and to be gifted.

Snacks Gift Basket -

Gift Basket
Snacks Gift Basket

Snack Gift Basket arrives bursting with a wide variety of easy to grab and delicious munchies. You can always mix ‘n match food items with non food stuffs. For instance, a gift basket stuffed with Gold pretzels, Caramel corn, cheese dips, summer sausage, Hot Bean Dip Sherwood Strawberry Wafer, cherry sours, Microwave Popcorn Sherwood Chocolate Wafer, Nestle Crunch Bar, cherry sours and garlic nuggets is definitely a huge hit with the crowd. But if you include some non food items like CD’s, books or DVD’s in the basket, the recipient will feel great.

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