Wedding Flower Colors


One of the greatest challenges for any wedding ceremony organizer is deciding the color theme of the party. Every color has a meaning and different color flowers can be used to express a wide range of unspoken feelings. So, correct wedding flower colors should be used to express truly, yet interestingly, your emotions for your dear ones. Wedding flower colors not only express your innermost feelings, they also evoke the mood of the season, giving rise to emotions worth cherishing throughout your life.

Red is the color of passion, intense love and protection. So, red wedding flowers like rose, anthuriums, tulips, gerberas, alstroemeria, freesias create a sense of warmth and exotic sensual beauty. Red wedding flower color theme is generally used for autumn weddings and weddings during Saint Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Red is also a very popular color for wedding ceremonies in the tropical regions of continental America.

Blue wedding flower color theme is common for winter weddings. The color blue is associated with patience, royalty and happiness. Blue wedding flowers like delphiniums, hyacinths, veronica, sea holly and statice used in wedding decorations and apparels evoke the sense of purity in love. It successfully gives the feeling of love a touch of divinity, something that will last forever.

Pink is the symbol of love, friendship and innocence. Pink wedding flower color is best suited for spring weddings. They add a touch of bounty and fulfillment to a wedding ceremony. Some common pink flowers are rose, gerbera, gladiola, dahlia, pansy, lily, carnation and bleeding heart.

Purple wedding flower color is associated with both winter and spring wedding. Purple symbolizes pure love, spiritualism and the power to heal. Purple wedding flowers like tulips, freesias and gladioli enhance the beauty of a wedding ceremony to a subtle dramatic level. Purple being a shade closer to blue can also be used to create a royal effect. So, people who want to have a kingly wedding can use a combination of blue, purple and gold.

Some other popular wedding flower colors are yellow, white and peach. Every color has its own unique beauty and can be used to evoke an array of feelings. Weddings are all about love and feelings and if we can have flowers to express it for us, then there is nothing like it. To learn more about flowers, you can check other articles on wedding Flowers that has to offer.

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