Wedding Celebrations Ideas

Wedding ideas that will help transform your day from being a great wedding to being the most talked about

If you are looking to have the wedding of a lifetime, you must organize it such that you have a memorable experience. Whether you want to choose the perfect theme for your wedding or you’d like to select the best wedding location, plan ahead of time. To ensure that you have fond memories of your wedding, make arrangements such that you don’t face last-minute hassles. Right from decorating your wedding venue to organizing a grand reception, everything should be just perfect on the big day of your life. So, consult your family and get help from a wedding planner to assist in your preparations.

Below you will find a number of ideas to help you organize your wedding celebrations.
Choosing the wedding theme:

Beach wedding theme
Choosing the wedding theme

You may want to have your wedding ceremony in a beach, hilltop or a farmland. If you are having a beach wedding, you can follow it up with a seaside reception. Then there can be beach style wedding favors and a seaside cake topper. The attire of the bride and groom should match the beach theme of the wedding.You should choose a wedding theme that goes well with your personality and lifestyle. Once you choose a theme, it will get easier for you to plan the decorations, wedding flowers and the menu for your reception.

Venue for your wedding celebrations:

Wedding Party Celebration Ideas
Venue for your wedding celebrations

Finding a proper venue for your wedding is a difficult task.
This is because it has to be within your budget and it should be available on your wedding date. So, analyze your budget first and then decide upon the type of venue you’d like to choose. You can go for an open air or garden wedding. Parks, farmhouses and lawns can be among your choices. Or, you may look for indoor venues like wedding halls, chapels and banquet halls with separate space to hold the wedding ceremony. Whichever venue you choose for your wedding celebrations, there are certain things to keep in mind. For instance, the total number of guests who would attend your wedding (both from your side as well as that of your in-laws) is one factor upon which your choice of a venue depends. Another thing is how many ceremonies you’re going to have in your wedding. Moreover, you should consider the distance of the venue from the hotel where you have accommodated the outstation guests.

Once you know what type of wedding venue you want, visit a few of them and decide whether they are suitable for you. Find out if there is a changing room for the bride to relax or a separate room where guests can interact while tables are arranged for reception. Inquire about the catering service and the food they offer during weddings. Find out if the venue has enough cooking facilities for the number of guests who’ll attend your wedding celebrations. Also, check out if there are enough seating arrangements available in the wedding venue.

Wedding color schemes:

Wedding celebration ideas
Wedding color schemes

You need to choose a color scheme so that it will be easier for you to go for the decorations, flowers and the dress you will wear on your wedding day. Now, when you think about colors, consider the textures that are associated with seasons. For instance, you can use organza in summer and velvet in winter. In case you want to make your top reception table look elegant, have a fairytale curtain installed behind it. Such a curtain can be used to highlight certain areas like the dance floor which will look attractive. So, consult a fairylight curtain supplier who can have the curtains installed properly. They use a variety of colors which add to the beauty of your wedding venue.

Wedding decorations:

Wedding Party
Wedding decorations

The decorations you plan for your big day will add sparkle and elegance to the wedding venue. Most wedding locations use tables having white table cloths. So, to make it a bit colorful, use colored table toppers. Make arrangements for candles on guest and side tables in the entire room. This will help create a romantic ambience, especially when you turn the lights low for dancing. If you have the reception planned for the evening, it will be quite dark when the guests arrive. So, it is best to make lighting arrangements so that they are welcomed with a luminary lined walkway. Try making paper bags with designs cut along the sides, and fill them with some amount of sand. Then insert glass votive candles inside the bags. This is how you can plan the decorations creatively.

Getting the best wedding cake:

Wedding cake
Getting the best wedding cake

If you want the cake to reflect your taste and style, find a baker who can create a personalized cake for your wedding celebrations. Or, you may choose a traditional wedding cake which is usually round and white colored. A chocolate wedding cake is quite common these days. So, you might as well choose a chocolate cake for your wedding.

Wedding celebration songs:
Choosing the right song for your marriage is indeed a challenge. You can have music played during the ceremony and reception. Check out the list of wedding songs and reception music available in various websites and choose the ones that will add value to your wedding celebrations. Interview a few bands and DJ to find out which one has a sense of music that matches yours. Apart from the above arrangements, you should make sure you hire the right photographer who can capture the best moments of your wedding ceremony. Your wedding is certainly the most romantic event of your life. So, a bit of pre-planning will actually help you organize your wedding celebrations just the way you want.

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