Wedding Card Ideas

Wedding Card Ideas
May you have wedding that brings you precious moments

Your wedding invitation card design gives your guests a sneak peek into your big day.

Plus, they provide you and your partner with an opportunity to express yourselves. What’ll it be? Vintage, retro, traditional, or unique?

These wedding invitations and card samples are perfect inspiration to jump start your journey.

Wedding cards are a special way to congratulate a couple who have recently gotten married or will get married soon. These cards convey the happiness and excitement you feel about your dear ones’ marriage. The wedding cards come as a pleasant surprise for your friends or family members who’re about to get married or have recently tied the knot.

Wedding cards reveal your sentiments and greetings for your friends and family members who’ve gotten into the bond of marriage. So, you should choose visuals and images that make the card look adorable.

Visuals to be Chosen for Wedding Cards

When you go for wedding cards, you may choose the ones that have floral designs such as a bunch of roses and other beautiful flowers. You’ll find cards highlighting the images of colorful flowers and gifts that indicate some celebrations are on.

There are cards that have images of a bride and bridegroom with floral designs at the background. Such cards can be a perfect choice to congratulate your dear ones on their marriage and wish that they have a great celebration. Cards with photos of a diamond ring placed inside a red-colored heart shaped box is indeed a great gift to convey your best wishes on your friend’s or family member’s wedding day.

A crystal globe with miniature figures of a bride and bridegroom is one of the cutest gifts you can offer to your loved ones on their wedding day. A card having the image of a wedding cake and some candles can work as the best option to convey special wishes to your dear ones. Such a card is sure to delight the couple, and they’ll come to know how happy you are to see them start a new life together.

Wedding Cards Wordings

Wedding cards
We are staring the new journey

Your message in a wedding card should be simple and include words which imply that you’re wishing your dear ones a long and happy married life. Look for words that add a personal touch to the wedding cards.

If you’re looking for wedding e-cards which can be personalized according to your taste and choice, you can add the text, thus including special memories of the couple. Use heartfelt words to communicate your greetings through the card, so that the couple can cherish it for years to come.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Cards
We invite you to join us in celebrating our love

Please book the date on your calendar as you are requested to be present at my wedding to shower us with your blessings.

They are about to start a new life. Please be there to bless the new couple for a successful married life.

We are tying a knot on (date) and we request your gracious presence at our wedding.

We request the honor of your presence on our special day, (date).

We are tying knots on (date) and on that day, we ask the pleasure of your presence and blessings.

We invite you on the auspicious day when we start a new life to witness the event.

Wedding Invitation Card
We request the honor of your presence at our wedding!

They make the loveliest couple. Please grace the occasion of their marriage on (date) at (venue).

Love is cool, Love is fare, It makes you special and, who you are.

Please be at the function when we unite in the divine bond of marriage.

We have decided to share the first day of our new life with our friends, family and relatives. We request the honor of your presence at our wedding on (date).

Handmade Wedding Cards
If you’d like to create wedding cards by yourself, you may draw pictures of a cake and a couple. Then decorate the card with glitters and embellishments to make it look exciting indeed!

Pictures of red roses along with a heart-shaped balloon can be drawn on a handmade card which you’d like to gift to your dear ones on their marriage. Of course you should add text onto the card. The text can be written within the heart-shaped balloon. Just make sure you choose colors that give a bright look to your card.

Ideas for Handmade Wedding Cards
Below, you will find a list of creative ideas that will add value to your homemade wedding cards.

Card based on wedding destination:
You may create a card with special emphasis on the destination where the wedding will occur. So, if your dear ones are getting married in a beach destination, then you can make a card by cutting images of a beach and putting it on the front part. You can get such images from a travel magazine or a website. Alternatively, you can have a card with a map of the wedding destination. Such a card can also have the images of miniature hearts to give it a trendy look.

A special card based on the wedding venue:
Whether the wedding will take place in a rose garden, a church or any beautiful location, you’ll make a difference by highlighting the picture of the venue in your card.

Card highlighting the honeymoon destination:
A handmade wedding card with the picture of a couple’s honeymoon destination is sure to delight your dear ones. With such a card, you not only congratulate them on their marriage but also wish that they have a honeymoon that’s full of fun, love and romance.

Colors Used In Handmade Wedding Cards
When you receive a wedding invitation, you come to know about the theme and colors that are highlighted in the celebration. So, you may use similar theme and colors to design and create a wedding card on your own. You might want to consider the season when choosing the colors. It’ll make your wedding card a meaningful gift. So, if it’s a summer wedding, you should go for bright and festive colors. For winter weddings, contrasting colors are the best options. If it’s the autumn, then using orange, brown and green colors on a wedding card is an ideal choice.

Wordings on Handmade Wedding Cards
Whether you choose an e-card or create one on your own, you may use the similar wordings in both kinds of card. You must aim to keep the text as interesting as possible. You may even add poems and quotes in the card, which reveal your exact sentiments to your loved ones.

Wedding cards help you convey heartfelt wishes to your loved ones on their wedding. With such cards, you wish that your dear one’s marriage be blessed with love and faith. So, get wedding cards of your choice to convey your best wishes on your loved one’s wedding day.

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