Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake Ideas
Wedding cake inspiration

Looking for wedding cake inspiration? Here are the best wedding cake ideas of the moment: classic, floral, unique, trendy and yes chocolaty.

These days the local markets are flooded with various kinds of cakes and its very difficult for a person to choose the desired cake at an affordable price. Your wedding cake reflects your personal style and taste and should be well decorated, according to the menu of your party. Only after you have selected your dress, the place of reception along with decorations and colors, the cake should be chosen. Try to choose only that wedding cake design that suits the overall theme and color of your wedding and reception.

There are lots of approaches to buy a wedding cake, from a traditional one to an extremely non-traditional works of colorful artistry. Just about anything go these days. The wedding cakes today are totally different from those in the past. More and more new designs of wedding cakes are evolving to meet the demands of today’s couples. In any case whenever you share your cake with friends and loved ones it symbolizes the sweetness of love, life
and prosperity. Bride and Groom will be fooling themselves if they think that people will care about the flavor of cake and not its decorations.

Lovely Wedding Cake
Best Wedding ideas

A unique bridal cake will always be remembered by the guests and can set your wedding party apart from others. Many people also feature their wedding pictures on their wedding cake to make it an everlasting and always treasured moment. You can also get your wedding cake ideas by looking at pictures of other wonderful cake designs. In this way you can find a cake that will enhance your reception.

Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Cake

Amazing Wedding Cakes
Pearl beads cake
  • Your decorations should be according to your wedding cake design. For example, bakers can create the lacy look of your dress by using pearl beads and frosting. They have the skill to replicate almost any other element of the decor with frosting.
Fruits and nut cake ideas
Wedding cake with fruits and nut
  • Add edibles like chocolates, fruits or nuts around your cake and serve it to your guests along with the cake. It will add a special decorative touch to your cake and to the guest’s plate.
wedding cake designs
Wedding Cake
  • If you want to be different then you can also use organic edible flowers like roses, oregano, lavender or chicory. You can also use non-edible flowers to top the cake. Then sprinkle petals, cascading down the cake tiers. It’s simple and elegant.

Purchasing your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes
Classic wedding cake

In order to buy a wedding cake try your local bakeries, cake specialists, wedding caterers or can take the help of a friend or a relative. Ask for a portfolio of cake maker’s work so that you will get an idea about what type of cake you want. The more elaborate the design, the higher will be the price so check your budget before ordering. Some reputed suppliers will also offer you the opportunity to taste their products, which is particularly important if you want an unusual flavor

So plan your cake in plenty of time and have yourself a classic wedding cake.

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