Wedding Anniversary Meanings

A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date a wedding took place.
Wedding anniversaries hold a special significance of its own. Every wedding anniversary represents a thought and a unique meaning that is reciprocated in the anniversary gifts that are given to the couple.

With each passing year, a new facet of the couple’s love and commitment to each other comes in the forefront. Every year marks like a stepping-stone in the bond that is nurtured by care and respect. Make each anniversary special and unique by finding out the different wedding anniversary gifts that is presented with each passing year.
The theme wedding anniversary gifts are just an indication of the importance that is given to that year. The meaning is important and not the real material object. Like if you cannot afford diamonds and rubies that doesn’t leave you empty-handed. You can always go for American diamonds and red colored pottery. So select the gifts of your choice and make grandeur of celebrations.
1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper

Wedding Anniversary Meanings
1st Wedding Anniversary

Paper gift items are not dull and boring. Don’t go for the general stationery items. You can select from gift items like name a star, gift certificates, personal horoscope, or some surprise air tickets. Make the world your oyster. And of course there is the romantic love letter option always there.

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

2nd Wedding Anniversary

For the second year wedding anniversary you can present things in cotton. You can go for cotton bedspreads, cotton dresses and other gift items.

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather

3rd Wedding Anniversary

For the third wedding anniversary go for leather bound photo album, briefcase, wallet or purse. You can even opt for smart leather shoes.

4th Wedding Anniversary: Linen

Linen bedsheet
4th Wedding Anniversary

Don’t let the romance die out. Select some beautiful and delicate linen for your bed.

5th Wedding Anniversary: Wood

5th Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Wood is one more material that offers a lot of gift items to select from. One of the very popular wood anniversary gifts is a spoon. Spooning means romancing. So it can be spoons, decoration items or a jewelry case.

6th Wedding Anniversary: Iron

6th Wedding Anniversary

When iron is the theme then go for some wrought iron furniture and decoration items.

7th Wedding Anniversary: Wool

7th Wedding Anniversary

This year invites you to some cozy moments ahead. Select a new sweater, Stoll or robe and enjoy some cozy moments together.

8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze
There are many gift decoration items that look fantastic in bronze. So go for one.

9th Wedding Anniversary: Pottery

9th Wedding Anniversary

Bring out the colors of your creative self with the different pottery gift items for the wedding anniversary. The different stylistic ceramics give you enough options to select from.

10th Wedding Anniversary: Tin
Well tin sounds a little dry item to gift to your spouse on a wedding anniversary. The surprise element for this wedding anniversary is the gemstone that is associated with this anniversary. You can select diamonds as your alternative gift item.

12th Wedding Anniversary: Silk

12th Wedding Anniversary

Select some beautiful silk fabric or garment for your twelfth wedding anniversary.

13th Wedding Anniversary: Lace

13th Wedding Anniversary: Lace

Lace is a very romantic material and is often associated with weddings. For this wedding anniversary select some lace tablecloth or a dress having detailed lace work.

15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

You can present crystal glass and glassware, or show pieces for this wedding.

27th Wedding Anniversary: Sculpture
Add some beauty and sophistication in your anniversary presents. Select a sculpture for your home or garden and get a whole new look.

28th Wedding Anniversary: Orchids

28th Wedding Anniversary

Orchids are a symbol of nobility, friendship, elegance and perfection – making these exotic, flowers an ideal anniversary present.

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