Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Discover modern & traditional anniversary gift ideas for every year, including symbolic colors, flowers, jewelry & gemstones for every year of marriage.
Wedding anniversary gifts are special as they are a symbol of love and affection that exist in a marital relationship. Anniversary is the time to renew the promises and relive the moments of happiness that you have resolved to share with your spouse. So, celebrate this moment by offering a gift your spouse would love to have.

Anniversary Gift Ideas
There are a wide variety of items you may choose as wedding anniversary gifts. Just make sure it is something your spouse would actually like to possess. If your partner is planning to buy something shortly, you can give a pleasant surprise by gifting it to her. Just check out the ideas below, and choose from the list of wedding anniversary gifts you may offer to your spouse.

Love Notes:

Anniversary Gift Ideas
Love Notes

If it’s your first wedding anniversary, you can gift a collection of love notes to your spouse. Just write a love note every month during the first year of your marriage and prepare a book out of them. Or, you may put the love notes into a handmade envelope and along with it, gift an album having photos of special moments with your spouse.


Gift ideas for an anniversary

Such wedding anniversary gifts are a reflection of the sweet memories you share with your spouse. So, what you can do is, pick and choose a few photos and place them on a beautiful frame or a scrapbook. Alternatively, you can simply place a special photo on your partner’s desk as a surprise for the next morning. You may also place a key ring beside the photo as a gift for your partner. Another exciting gift you can make out of photos is a collage. Use some of the photos you may have taken during your honeymoon and paste them on your wall. It will be a pleasant surprise for her when she wakes up in the next morning and finds the collage in the bedroom.

Items of Art:

You may purchase a work of painting done by an artist and gift it your spouse. Such works of art add to the beauty of a couple’s home. If your spouse is an art lover, gift an antique piece of work which may seem special to her.

Cards and Flowers:

Rose Bouquet
Cards and Flowers

You can buy anniversary cards for your partner. If it is your first anniversary, choose a card which has a sweet love message and a nice picture that goes well with the concept of bonding and togetherness. Your spouse will feel loved and treasured when she receives this special gift. Along with the card, gift your spouse a bouquet of flowers. Get a bouquet prepared with the flowers she loves, so that she treasures the gift and realizes how much you care for her. Instead of gifting real flowers, you can have a bouquet of paper flowers prepared by someone or you may actually do it yourself. Paper flowers are delicate, so you may need a lot of time to prepare a bouquet out of it. Thus, your partner will know how much effort you have given in order to make her happy on her anniversary.


Jewelry Gift Ideas

Your wife may be fond of pearl or ruby. So, purchase a pearl jewelry set or one made of ruby and send it to your beloved. It will make her anniversary one of the most memorable days of her life.

Your Spouse’s Favorite Book:

Gift his Favorite Book

Find out which is your spouse’s favorite book. Whether it’s a romantic thriller or a book on romantic getaways, gift it your spouse and see how it can bring a smile on her face.

Special Trip:

You can take her to her dream destination,
Romantic Gateway

If your spouse loves to travel, you may take her on a special trip to a romantic destination she prefers. Start a piggy bank for you and your partner to save dollars for your trip. Your spouse will feel really happy about it and take pleasure in recollecting these memories for years to come.

Apart from the wedding anniversary gifts mentioned above, there are things you can do in order to help your beloved enjoy a special anniversary. For instance, you can go on a romantic candlelight dinner with your spouse. Or, you can have a wedding cake prepared for your partner just to let her know about her importance in your life. So, it’s not that you have to spend a lot of dollars to buy a gift for your spouse. All you have to do is choose the gift that’ll help her feel special and let her enjoy sweet memories of her anniversary.

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