Wedding Accessories

Found your perfect dress? Browse our bridal accessories necessary to compliment your wedding day look!
Wedding is no doubt the most cherished event of our life. It’s the most beautiful bond of human relationship, full of love, care and affection for each other. To make your wedding festivities grand, wide wedding accessories are used to make it more eventful.

Before you embark on working on the different aspects of planning the wedding celebrations, make appropriate budget arrangements for wedding supplies.

Some ideas on Wedding Accessories are-

1. One of the most favorite wedding accessories is the candles. Wide variety of candles with personalized messages in elegant different sizes and attractive shapes are widely used. Certain sets of candles representing the union of the newly wedded couples with a cover of roses decorated in strands of gold and silver combined with personal dedications are quite popular nowadays.

Candles with flower basket

2. Another most important part of wedding is flowers. The most avidly used floral flushes are daises, goldenrod flowers which are used extensively as fillers for decoration of the halls or for cake decoration. Elegant bridal bouquets comprising of white gardenia, freesia and lavender go well with the occasion as a cascading bouquet gives a soft yet feminine look. Others like White lilies, shooting pearls decorated with white satin ribbon streamers and ivy make the bridal bouquet more charming. Also small handmade wedding floral carriages with dorsum flowers, ornamented with beautiful laces and colorful white ribbons are designed as a table centerpiece.

Elegant bridal bouquet
Flower bouquet

3. Wedding cake decorations are a part of elegant wedding accessories. So to make your wedding cake more beautiful you can use elaborate wedding decorations with flowers and sugar frosting. Exquisite cake decorations with white calla lily buds, white delphinium blooms, raised leaves, pelargonium vine greenery and royal blue sheer ribbons along with a small figurine of colorful clay couple on the center surely enhances the sheer beauty of the cake. Also, cake decorations constructed in four layers with cascading blue flowers from the top to bottom arranged with surrounding rose leaf garland at the bottom give a radiant appeal to the cake.

Wedding cake
Wedding Accessories Ideas

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