Ways to say I Love You without words

10 ways to say “I Love You” without words

“ I Love You” these three little and simple words hold a really deep meaning. But, in today’s time, the millennial generation has made it a cliched term. These three words roll off their tongue just like that because of which the real essence of these words is completely lost. Well, saying I Love You all the time doesn’t appear realistic rather one should show it in actions as actions speak louder than words. Extend your emotions of love to your family and friends by showing them some gestures instead of saying “I Love You”.

Say I Love You without words
Say I Love You without words

Gesture to show your Love

Leave a lovely note –

You don’t need to write “I Love You” in the note. You can simply write thanks for everything you do or you are beautiful. Write something positive and appreciating for your loved ones in the note. Short messages like “kisses and hugs” can also help you in sharing more love. Sticky notes would be perfect to serve your purpose.

Give a helping hand in household chores -

We all know the person who does household chores is always the busy bee of the house. So, if you want to show love to someone then this time refrain yourself from saying the cliched “ I Love You” rather just step in and help your beloved by offering a helping hand in the household chores. Things like laundry and dishwashing or cook a meal, can be done which will also show your love.

Pick a bouquet just like that -

Flower Bouquet
Bouquets Of Rose Flowers

Bringing flowers for someone is the simplest way of saying “I Love You” or “I Admire You”. No words are needed to convey this emotion as flowers already serve this purpose. Giving flowers to someone signifies that you care for them. So, while heading towards home make sure you pick up flowers for your loved ones just like that.

Give a tight hug or a compliment -

Lost in Love

Don’t you find someone so cute while sleeping, talking or doing any other gesture which makes you feel like blowing them a kiss or give them a tight hug? Well, if yes then go ahead and give them a tight hug. Don’t hold yourself back. Giving someone a tight hug or complimenting someone about their endearing nature is always considered as a warm gesture.

Surprise them with a simple gift -

Dark chocolates
Romantic Gift Basket

Bring gifts for your loved ones without any occasion. Surprise them with a simple gift. Your simple and sweet gesture will surely earn their praises.

Talk to them about everything -

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If you really want to make someone feel loved then communication is the key. Talk to your loved ones wherever you find the time. Ask them about their day, what is going on in their life over dinner or simply sit with them. This will help you get closer to them and also express your love towards them.

Eat their favourite meal with them

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A romantic evening

It is not necessary to make grand gestures if you want to show your love. You can simply sit with the person you love and share their favourite meal no matter you like the food or not. You can also cook their favourite meal which will surely win their heart.

Drink in your own space

If you are thinking of adding spice to your life then share a drink with your partner or friend in the house. Get tipsy and talk about all the things you want to. You can also make confessions after drinking. Arranging a house party for them if they like to socialize will be another amazing idea.

Go shopping with them

Who doesn’t like shopping and gifts? Well, everyone like to go shopping so take your loved one for fantastic shopping. Also, gift them something and express how much you are in love with them.

Play their favourite song

If you wanna have some fun and also an escape from your lethal schedule then music is the perfect escape. Dim the lights and play the favourite song of the person to whom you want to show your love. Enjoy the serenity in the environment while being around them.

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