Valentine’s Day Symbols

There are many symbols that are attached with Valentine’s day and with expression of love.
Here are ideas about some valentine’s symbols.

Love is one of the purest feeling in the world and Valentine’s Day is an occasion for which lovers wait for days,to express their love. There are various popular Valentine symbols which are used by couples over the ages to express their feelings to each other. Valentine symbols have a different meaning of their own and with their symbolical language they speak the divine language of love.

Valentine's Day Symbols
  • He is a mischievous little Roman angel, the son of Venus, with wings and is the main of all Valentine symbols.
  • He pierces arrows upon people and that makes them fall in love.
  • Thus, it is Cupid who is responsible for making people fall in love. Cupid has a Greek counterpart called Eros.

Ribbons and Frills

Ribbons and Frills
  • They have been associated with love and romance since ages.
  • In ancient days, the queens gave these Valentine symbols to their husbands. It is still used by couples to convey their love.

Love Knots

Love Knot - Meaning
Love Knots
  • Use of love knots is an Arabic custom and are very expressive in nature.
  • In earlier days the wives used to sent love knots to their husband to express their love. The tradition continues till date


Heart Valentine Symbol
  • Heart as a symbol of love is used since the ages.
  • In ancient Greece the heart sign together with the flower was associated to the lyre, the attribute of Eros, the god of sexual love.
  • Later, the sign of Greek Eros, his Roman counterpart Amor, and even Cupid was changed to the bow and arrow.
  • Nothing can emote love better than a symbol of heart.
  • Heart symbolizes life and if you give your heart to someone then it means that you have bestowed your existence to that certain person.


Rose Bouquet
Rose Flower Bouquets

The Rose – The Queen among flowers comes in a variety of colours. What makes it even more intriguing is the fact that each shade of the Rose is symbolic of an occasion and carries a deeper meaning.

  • From time immemorial the red rose has been hailed as the symbol of unconditional love.
  • Red roses are given to those who you want to show love and passion, people who you have great respect for, and those who have shown great courage.

Love Birds

Facts about Love birds
Love Birds
  • Love birds are colorful birds found in Africa and are so called because they sit closely together in pairs, like loving souls do.
  • Doves signify loyalty and love, because they mate for life and share concern for their babies.

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