Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Decoration Ideas
Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

It’s time to start thinking for Valentine’s day decoration. We all want to spend this holiday with our dearest and that`s why we need to make it special and unforgettable. We present you various DIY ideas and tutorials for the Valenitne’s day decorations, all of them are unique and beautiful.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams..

The day earmarked especially for lovers is finally here. Here are a few ideas on simple decorations of the surroundings to excite your senses and to add positive energy for love to grow even more.

Home décor

Valentine's Day Decorations
Home décor

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, you can do the following things

  • Remember pink and red denote love. Try and add these colors to the rooms in the form of cushions, sheets, candles and flowers. These colors also provide excellent Feng Shui and increase passion.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall….. Yes, mirrors, of different sizes and shapes, add to the dimensions of the room when placed strategically, and act as a versatile decorative element adding to the romance in the air.
  • Fragrant candles are a must. A myriad of candles of different sizes and colors (pink and red) can evoke feelings of intimacy,and add a touch of sensuality.
  • Lighting is a key element to set up the mood of romance. It should be soft, highlighting the decorations you have in place.
  • Flowers are sunshine for the soul. Place different flower arrangements, both fresh and dried, at different places. It does not have to be professional arrangements. And it need not be only at centre table etc. Place the flowers randomly so that they are in sight wherever one turns. Again, red and pink flowers should be the order of the day.
  • Music is the strongest form of magic. If you want to add to the magic in the air, play music that you have enjoyed together, that will bring back fond memories and add to the romance.
  • Arouse the sense of taste by dressing the dinner table. There should be candles, flowers and the best crockery, preferably, crystal ware.
  • Keep in mind that bathrooms are rooms too. So do not forget to add a special touch to them by placing flower arrangements, and candles.

There are those young lovers who still meet only in public places. But surely you have a favorite spot in some place like a park. You can make your loved one feel even more special by adding a personal touch to that park bench you share:

Valentine's Day Decorations ideas
Valentine’s Day Decorations You’ll Love
  • Tie pink and red balloons to the arms of the park bench. Yes, you want the world to know you are in love and celebrating it.
  • Keep a single long-stemmed red rose on the bench for you partner.

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