Type of White Flowers


White Flowers
Type of White Flowers


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The color white symbolizes peace, serenity, innocence and purity. White can range from pure white to shades of creamy white and ivory. There are various types of white flowers, each blessed with their own unique beauty. Different types of white flowers can be used for various occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, Valentine’s Day and even funerals. White flowers are for all occasions. They can add elegance and sophistication to any ceremony.

Beautiful White Flowers
Rose of Sharon

Some of the common types of white flowers are as follows:

  1. Rose of Sharon
  2. Clematis
  3. Morning glory
  4. Poinsettia
  5. Asters
  6. Chrysanthemums
  7. Silver Lace
  8. Butterfly Bush
  9. Flamingo Flower
  10. Magnolia
  11. Clover
  12. Sweet Peas
  13. Moss Rose
  14. Amaryllis
  15. Calla Lily
  16. Dahlia
  17. Tulips
White lilies

Different types of white flowers can be teamed with colored flowers to form beautiful floral arrangements and flower bouquets. White lilies with passionate red roses make an exquisite combination for bridal bouquet. White flowers also look excellent with different types of orchids. To add a touch of royalty to a ceremony, various types of creamy white flowers can be combined with golden and silver artificial flowers. They look excellent. To add a touch of elegance to the floral decoration, different types of white can be teamed to form a beautiful assortment.

White Flowers

There are certain types of white flowers that are used as hair accessories. Tying jasmine leis to the hair is an important culture in many eastern countries. In the west, white flowers are used in bridal crowns and halo of the bridesmaid.

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