Traditional Wedding Gifts

Traditional wedding gifts don’t have to be boring or predictable. Read on to check out the top traditional wedding gift ideas.
The wedding day is a very special day in the life of a couple. As the bride and groom tie the knot, they become two entwined souls. A wedding is an occasion to celebrate togetherness. So, come let’s join the celebrations with Traditional Wedding Gifts. The wedding theme is all about love, passion and appreciation, so let the couple delve into the world of romance. Traditional Gifts run from roses, chocolates, and candies to spa baskets and even air tickets to the favorite destination of the couple. We have made a sincere effort to bring forth the essence of love with some of the well received Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas.
Gift Baskets Gift Basket brimming with an assortment of various goodies gives you an opportunity to wish the bride and groom from the core of your heart. Gift baskets are easy and quick, yet a thoughtful way to delight all those who bring happiness to your life. Gift Baskets filled with everything that one wants to gift is a unique way to make the couple feel special. From Chocolate Food Baskets, Spa Gift Baskets, Snack Gift Baskets to Nut Gift Baskets and Pantry Food Gift Basket, the possibilities of Gift Baskets are endless.
Spa Gift Basket-

Spa Gift Baskets for Pampering and Relaxation
Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Baskets with an assortment of divine gifts will surely take the recipient to a new level of well being. After a stressful schedule, the couple needs a bit of pampering. A spa gift basket reawakens their senses, nourish their skin, rejuvenate their body and ease away the stress of a hectic, busy schedule. After a day of physical and mental exhaustion, it is always fun to get immersed in hot water and delve into the richness of exotic salts while fresh air circulates. So, gift them an ensemble of perfect bath and body products that will make the couple feel superb all over again. Spa gift basket for the bride can include body lotion, face cleanser, facial scrub, moisture cream, Hawaiian salt glow, wood face brush, facial sponge scrubber, cashmere robe, and salon towel. Whereas, spa gift basket for the groom can consist of items like pine oil body soap, body lotion, bubble bath, hand cream bath caviar, bath salts, body butter, peppermint foot soak, soothing gel mask, padded hangers exfoliating bath cloth, slippers, soap saver sponge, wooden nail brush, bath cream in a decorative glass bottle and wooden foot brush.

Food and wine Gift Basket -

Gourmet Gift Basket
Food and wine Gift Basket

Food and Wine Gift Baskets wrapped with the freshest morsels and decked up with quality ribbons and bows will surely woo the newly married couple with an eternal impression. A striking and excellent quality basket filled with White Star Champagne, Dom Perignon, Pinot Noir or other premium quality wines paired with an assortment of the finest products like olive oil crackers, almond roca, seasoned pretzels, Parisian breadsticks, cheese twists, salami, smoked salmon and lemon tea cookies will definitely satisfy any wine connoisseur.

Chocolate Gift Basket –

Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas
Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolates are considered as an elixir of romance. And on such a special day celebrating love and romance, how can you forget chocolate wedding gift baskets? Chocolate gift baskets include a variety of gourmet quality chocolate items. There are normally a variety of different makes and kinds of chocolates in a chocolate gift basket. Always remember not to go for those baskets that have only one variety of chocolates. Try to find one with a variety of makes and tastes. For instance a basket brimming with chocolate fudge filled Lake Champlain Small World Truffles Marich Single Serve – Chocolate Cherries, Lake Champlain Chocolate Bar, Caramel Bayard’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels – assorted milk, dark & ivory, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, dark chocolate Raspberry chocolate chips, chocolates of Vermont, chocolate fudge and chocolate with apricots will satisfy any chocoholic on the earth.

Flower Gifts -

Flower Gift basket
Flower Gifts

Wedding is all about love, romance and commitment and perhaps, the most popular gift to celebrate this special bonding is the flower gift. Flower gift appeals to every single soul with its beauty and fragrance; and in a true sense bear the freshness of nature and the world outside with them. While choosing flower gifts for wedding, people get trapped in the frenzy of searching that perfect arrangement that will make the couple feel really special. So, to avoid a brain racking experience, always start planning before a month while selecting wedding flowers to make it easy. Whether it is a carefully bought bouquet of flowers or a handcrafted arrangement of flowers, it is sure to express a warm feeling to your sweetheart. While arranging the flowers on your own, please keep in mind the season and the location of the wedding. If you want to get the bouquets customized with your personal message, then you need to have initial contact with your florists at least one month before the wedding. While selecting the wedding flower gifts, give a thought about the color of the dress and dress design of the brides or groom.

Household Appliances –

Home Appliances
Household Appliances

As the bride and groom walks down the aisle, they start a new journey. With a bit of careful thinking, you can help the newly married couple to make their dream home a perfect place to live in. Household appliances whether they are large or small like cooking wares, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners to name just a few, are always welcome gifts.

These are some of the Traditional Wedding Gifts that make the couple feel really special.

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